Let's get to know each other?!

I love new friends! So hi! Let’s get to know each other and become friends!
Tell me about yourself!
Here’s a bit about me:
My name is Allison and I am just a regular Midwest dwelling millennial! I’m 28 and I have kids and a job! My pets are plants and I have quite a few of them. I’m my own hype squad and a hype squad for those around me. I’m on Byte to have fun and participate in the community!
Let’s keep having fun together!

Okay! Your turn!! :innocent:

I should add this disclaimer: I can be overwhelmingly positive and supportive, I know it can be annoying, so forgive me if it happens to strike a nerve with you! Promise I’m not always sunshine and rainbows…I just hope to encourage others and make others smile, even if only for a moment.


Woah I just learned something new about you @radicaltrash — the Queen :ok_hand:t4:

I’m not transparent since the Queen started this thread I’ll share some interesting facts about me.

Hola my nickname is Pac. I know how to speak five languages. I’m a college student major in Computer Science & minor in Business, Government, and Psychology. I live in Maryland, and I post on Byte for fun and network w/ creators. I read, write, design, and travel.

I love supporting people (creators or anyone), I care about people’s mental health. Need advice or someone to talk my DMS are always open!

Open for Suprise

Also, I love to troll when I’m bored!


Fun Facts about Tupac! Yes!
Five languages?! Wow! That is solidly impressive! I speak a small amount of Japanese (not enough to converse) and a small amount of Spanish…but mostly sarcasm (hehe)!
I stan people who care about mental health! Super important. Take care of yourself…cause nobody else can do it for you!

But here’s some more fun facts about me since you shared such interesting tidbits:

  • I was an English major, I completed a pharmacy tech degree, and I went to nursing school! I love learning! I am always seeking knowledge!
  • I am super compassionate and empathetic. As a result, negativity isn’t my vibe.
  • I thoroughly enjoy talking to people but I am entirely an introvert! In person, I am totally awkward.
  • I do mechanical work as a hobby…I like to tinker with cars and small engines!

Hi! Im Cederian(Sa-Dhere-Ree-En)
Im 28 also, bday in june. Im a cancer. No kids(never wanted them though sometimes I consider it.)

No pets sadly.
Im a student, law essentially. But more specifically its criminal psychology for violent crimes involving murders and behaviors of people who kill. Truthfully I started on byte because im also an introvert. People scare me but im working to fix that.
Facts about me.
I have a tremor(i call it my super power) and once i launched my phone into a pond when my arm went full spazz.
I speak English, Spanish(passable), working on Norwegian.
I was originally planning to be a chef but life seldom happens how we would want it.


I’m John. I’m a tour guide as a day job - I take people to tours of the Brooklyn Bridge. Any NYC Byters, I can give you a free tour if you want.

Uh, I have two cats with three eyes between them.
And my grandparents on my dad’s side were murdered!

I’m here because I was too late for Vine, TikTok scared me and I’m looking for an outlet now that Twitter is just all about people yelling at each other and will probably remain that way until November.


Hey man! Nice to meet ya!
And what you are studying sounds super fascinating! Stick with it and I’m sure it’ll be a promising career!
I’ve seen you around the forum a bit (I don’t comment a whole bunch as I’m generally pretty stand-offish) and you seem like a person who values positivity, and I have to commend you for that! I love it, it’s so nice to see others who are a light in seemingly darker times!

I’m so excited to watch where you go on Byte! You’ll be getting a follow from me soon (I like to keep up with the people I’ve gotten to know a little bit!)
Stay dope, my dude!! :v:


Hehe! Two cats with three eyes between them huh?! I bet they are a riot (the internet loves cats for a reason, eh)!
Grandparents were murdered, oh my! What an introduction, but hey, that really is unfortunate and I’m super sorry to hear about it (even if it was a while back).
Tour guide! Wow! That sounds like an experience! I’ve never been to NYC but it seems like such a fascinating place and I’d love to visit some day (in time I will, I’m sure).

I missed Vine (still do some days), but never had the courage to participate myself. Tiktok is a bit intimidating, but I do have to credit some of my friends from there for helping me build the courage to start posting and stop worrying so much about what everyone else thinks of me (I wouldn’t be posting on byte if not for that).
I never did get too into Twitter, but I do keep up and read what’s trending. Lots of politics currently!

I’m super happy to meet you, John! I’ll be following you here shortly too! (Don’t worry, I’m not expecting a follow in return or anything! I’m as much of a consumer as I am someone who creates!)
Stay dope, my dude! :v:

(Not sure if people normally take the time to reply to everyone, but like I said…I’m a hype squad all by myself! So here I go to be super annoying to all you lovely people! Forgive me!)


I actually just followed you, I like your videos a lot! I’d appreciate a follow, but same with you - I don’t need it if you don’t want to. I want to grow but also I’m not in a race right now.

My issue with TikTok is that feature where you can respond to videos with videos - to me - opens things up to be a meaner tone than Vine (or Byte). There’s something about being able to shout at someone that…makes it easier to shout at someone. Sometimes it’s just nice to put something out there without it being open to discussion by a larger community, you know?

Maybe that’s just my experience.

Plus, I feel that Byte skews to older people so I don’t feel creepy being on an app for a bunch of teenagers.


Byte does have a bit of an older crowd and I think that’s what I enjoy about it. Even being 28, I’m still considered too old for Tiktok by the Tiktok community in large (I’m okay with that, I don’t use it any longer). They definitely found their crowd, just happens to be a really young one!

And I do agree with you about that responding to a video with a video, and I can confirm that it IS used to bully and rebut some things that end up turning pretty ugly. Tiktok has a lot of drama, that’s no lie! But to each their own I suppose. I’m not a fan of the feature myself.

I followed ya back! :innocent: I love to see what others are doing!

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Here goes:

I’m Jake (the guy on the left of the profile pic). I’m a business major who’s also an animator, and I hail from Denver, Colorado. I’m 18, birthday is in January.

I’m on byte because I had a little bit of exposure to Vine through my friend. I originally wanted to make content for YouTube, but even making an animated video that’s over one minute long takes FOREVER compared to a 6-second byte.
Also, TikTok never really appealed to me. :man_shrugging:


Hey there Jake!
I’ve seen your content and I believe I follow you already! You make some pretty neat stuff dude! Love it!
Colorado is beautiful, I’ve been there a time or two (granted just passing through, but still…)!

Animating seems like a pretty tough task! Making a whole youtube video with animations seems like it would be a full time gig in and of itself!
I’m happy you are participating in Byte with your own unique style! I applaud that for sure!
And I don’t know that tiktok really appeals to a lot of people, but it was seen as a mediocre stand-in for Vine, I believe and that’s why so many have gravitated to it.
Vine really did pave the way for short-form video content!!! Wild, isn’t it!?

I’m sure excited to see where your work takes you, Jake! Keep up the awesome work!
Stay dope, my dude! :v:


I appreciate that compliment more than you know!

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Any time! You are doing great! Keep making content and keep seeing what fits you and your personal style, the rest will come with time!

Plus, that positive energy is going to draw some positive things! Keep at it! I’m here to hype you up for sure!


Thanks! Your stuff is really funny and random too, and that’s the kind of stuff that I like! Keep up the good work! :blush:

(And I’m following you too) :sweat_smile:

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Mauka here. 19, grew up in Hawaii, currently in SoCal for college studying computer science. Have absolutely no idea what I’m doing but I’m having a lot of fun trying this short video thing for the first time. Can talk to you for hours about: game design / gaming, film (production/review/animation/EDITING), sci-fi/fantasy books, reality competition shows (amazing race/survivor/BB/the genius/literally everything), twitch/youtube, bad puns and comedy, travel/food, and of course byte. I’m enjoying chilling here and making more new friends than I thought possible. Good morning and hope you reading this have a good day!


Aw, Mauka came to say hey!
I already know you pretty decently! I’m pretty stoked that you are active on the forums too!
You’re my buddy! :innocent: Keep doing what you do Mauka, you are hilarious!


I live in south Florida and I work as a social media specialist. I’m a photographer and have two of the sweetest cats in the world. One is 10 month old Devon Rex. My husband is an amazing musician so we teamed up - I make cat videos and he makes music to go with each video.

Originally started on Instagram and YouTube with “Gibson the Rockstar Cat” and just decided to try Byte for fun.

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It’s so awesome to be part of such a friendly community :slight_smile:

My name is Romalyn and I currently live in the southeast U.S. My bytes are mainly about my pets since I have so many of them! I also have a small Youtube channel where I show/talk about my pets. With all the bad stuff going on in the world, I think we can all agree that taking a break to watch a funny/cute animal vid can help us get on with our day to day lives :slight_smile:, so I’m hoping that my vids and Bytes can help achieve that!

Looking forward to checking out everyones’ bytes - hope everyone has a great week!

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Nice to meet you!
What an awesome team and what awesome subjects (cats are pretty cool)! I’m happy you’re here on Byte! That’s fantastic and I hope it helps your audience grow elsewhere too!
Thanks for commenting! :innocent:
Keep up the awesome work!

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Hey there Romalyn!
And it IS pretty amazing, isn’t it?! Not often you find such a friendly, encouraging community on the internet! I’m grateful for the continued support from other creators and those who are just watching, they keep me motivated to participate in this community continuously!
Animal videos are the best for a pick-me-up when you’ve had a bad day! They never go out of style!

I’m so happy you are here and I’m so grateful that you took the time to comment on my thread and introduce yourself!
Thank you so much!
Keep it up!! :innocent:

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