If V2 Were not postponed we would have seen it in about 2 months which means when Dom finally continues V2 again (if ever ) it’ll only take 2 months 3 Tops SO LET’S GET HYPEEEEEEEE


Start Comment about what your ready for (:smile: I wanna get everyone’s minds happy so that this forum is alive again (:slight_smile:

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:frowning: I really want it to come back…

I cant wait to make people laugh!!


No doubt he’s gonna continue V2 at some point.

Until then, give OEVO a chance and give yourself the opportunity to create videos and get recognized for them!

There’s a small enough user base that you still have a chance to get noticed, but who knows how easy it’ll be for you to make it big when you wait until everyone else is using it?

The app is getting more and more popular by the day…


He has been on here a lot recently!! I reckon he can pull this off