Let's Create Memes

One of the things that makes a social media platform popular is memes. TikTok is responsible for the creation of a variety of memes, and this allows the platform to increase in popularity. Therefore, I propose for the entire byte community to create the most memeable bytes and post them here. You can also send these bytes to people who create byte compilations on YouTube, and this can raise both the profile of the platform and the creators’ profile.

Good luck!




I’m gonna be self indulgent for this one


That’s a pretty good one! I think this meme could be used for a lot of various scenarios

Consider for a moment:

  1. There’s a topic just like this one.
  2. Forced humor in a feeble attempt to “make meme content” is just trash. You can argue that it’s not, but forced humor is just bad.
  3. Why do we keep reaching for the nostalgic thing? Stop it. Vine was vine. We don’t have to be a vine replica.
  4. Tiktok has been around considerably longer. Of course tiktok has memes. :woman_facepalming:t2:

mic drop
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


Working on it :woozy_face: @Lacieyl

completely agree. You can’t force memes, they’re just there.


Also, the topic of memes is already covered here:

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Yes. Thank you.

Also remember that tiktok had a massively cringe rep up until suuuuper recently


Nah dude it still has that cringe rep and will always have it.

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That’s facts.

we can do better than tiktok, because our memes will be original, not recycled over and over

But isn’t a meme just something that is recycled over and over?


Doesn’t negate the fact that you can’t just force memes.
I mean, feel free to try. But with time, memes will be formed on their own.


Here are some images from which you can make memes

Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 18.28.12