Lets count to 10000 ( or not )

i suggested that maybe we should count to 10000 on the 5000 so lets go for pepole who missed out on 5000
ill start 1


2- This may be difficult. But it’s worth a try.

3- you might be right about that lol

  1. My favorite number. Also lets try to get this done as soon as possible.

5 my birthday day

6- Hello!

7-Hi! How are you?

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8-im good

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9 here we go again :sweat_smile:

Has this happend before? -10

11- yes it has happened but not till 10000

o-12 okie

  1. My age!

14 have we finished the 5000 yet?

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15, yes we have! @Breahcaleo

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They just continued the count on the “let’s count to 5000” thread… we can keep this one going but I think we should just continue over there…

yeah maybe, but i think we should do both!

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17- yeah

19 yeah