Let's Chat!

Anything you would like to share about your day?
What are some future plans of yours?
Any hobbies?
Something you would like to get off your chest?

Since not much is going on in the forums recently, we could have a general chat with each other here until some big news are announced :blush:


Agreed, it’s so quiet around here now. I had the day off because it’s Family Day in my province! I relaxed as it’s back to school tomorrow and I could use the break. I love writing, playing piano, and talking lol. Something I want to get off my chest? Hmmm…nothing really! Thanks for bringing some life back in to the forum!!


Today was quite slow as always, but I got some stuff done. It was okay, to say the least.

I plan to write lots and lots of short stories, and maybe even a novel. I really enjoy writing. I would also like to write a screenplay. Another thing I would like to do in the near future is to get back into skateboarding once it gets a bit warmer out and it isn’t raining. I haven’t skated in a while and it makes me sad :disappointed_relieved::sleepy:. But anyway, I would also like to start playing and performing a lot more music. I could go on forever about my plans but I will spare you all.

I have quite a lot of hobbies, some of which have been mentioned previously in this post. I enjoy first and foremost reading. I love to read. I also like to write. I love to write music and play music with my friends. I play the guitar, the saxophone, keyboard, and drums. I like photography. My baby is my precious Fuji STX-2. I love skateboarding, though I have not skated in a while. I like writing short skits and sit-com episodes. Once again, I could go on forever, but I will spare you :sunflower:.

Nothing to get off my chest beside the fact that I really, really want a ferret. And I am proud of myself for my recent creative flow and all of the great ideas I have had and this sort of creative burst.

Thank you :white_flower::rosette::cherry_blossom:



You’re very welcome :grin: Family Day sounds pretty nice! Is there something you’re suppose to do on the day?

Well some people go places with their family but most people just use it as an excuse for another day off! :joy:

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Reading your post made me SOOO happy!! ahh I just loved the deep passion that I felt from it :grinning::gift_heart: I certainly applaud you for your dedication :clap:

I always love to write when I was little. I used to make little books out of copy paper and staples and bring them to school so I could or the teacher could read them. My stories always made it to the bookshelf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would love to produce my own music. I started out on Garage Band to learn the basics. I just need to keep at it so I can get better and more comfortable with it :blush: Just like how I started video editing when I was young. I feel it’s always great to have a creative outlet :sparkles:

How long have you been skateboarding? And would you use any of your skits when V2 comes out? :film_projector:

One of my goals in life is to finally own a pup. They’re just so full of joy and I have so much love to give to my future canine :dog:

Oh yeah and with photography, I can’t help but to take pictures whenever I see or are around beautiful sights :sunrise_over_mountains:

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I have one specific memory when I must have been about 8 or 9 and I had filled a whole notebook with a story about robots from a video game that are brought to life and then worshipped by aliens and it was just so strange, but I remember sitting on the train with my uncle and he read the whole thing on the train and told me how amazing it was. The whole situation is just so nostalgic and gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

I started out on Garage Band as well just writing short songs. Music is definitely a lot of fun :dizzy:

I started skateboarding about five years ago with some gaps in between of course. And yeah definitely. That is the plan anyway.

But thank you for the appreciation! :butterfly: It is my first day on the forums and I definitely will be sticking around. I feel so welcome :white_flower::leaves::dizzy:


Another pleasant day here. I’m so happy that my annual exams are over. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: And now I am just sitting and planning to go to some places, as summer vacation got started. The first thing to do from today is to play badminton.:yum::yum::yum: My main mission is to learn coding and make some websites… And of course preparing for V2, this summer!

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It’s summer season for you right now?? :hushed: It’s still winter for me on my side of the world but if the 70 F degrees temperature right now during winter doesn’t make me look forward to spring then I don’t know what will :stuck_out_tongue: I’m ready for this chill to calm down :snowflake:

I still have 2 months until my exams :memo: Hopefully I do well on them! I’m taking classes at the moment that aren’t really my strongest but I do need them to move on

Playing badmitton was always fun when I used to play in high school during gym, kind of like a new take on playing tennis. I loved creating graphic designs for websites and layouts for them when I use to use this virtual avatar website. It definitely sparked my love for creativity :blush:

I can’t contain my excitement for V2!! :grin: I was so so sooo sad when v*ne ended and now I feel like a child in a candy store ha

I’ve been doing chores for a good amount of the day, groceries, put together a bookshelf, cleaning. But for most of the day I did the one hour challenge, where I give myself only one hour to make a song. I have to say an hour isn’t enough time at all. After the hour was up, the song sounded good enough to continue working on, and I’m just so surprised with how it turned out that I uploaded it same day. Maaaaaan

This is going to be a bold statement, but I want to get to 10 mil followers on Byte. Feel like this will become like the people who first embraced IG in 2010 or Snap in 2012, Vine when it first came out. The people who took it seriously early and when it was brand new will reap the benefits

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