Let's chat! [Group]

We have been seeing many people joining group chat on different social platforms.

We already saw a topic about instagram group chat.
Many people are still waiting to join the group. But many couldn’t join and get invited.

but why?

Instagram doesn’t allow a group to be more than 15 members.

A user cannot create more than 5 groups. Right now, its not possible to create huge and fully functional group on instagram.

I tried many different messaging apps including discord, slack and more…

Discord & Slack are great group messaging apps but they are not simple & easy for news users to use.

So, I made a telegram group which is simple & easy to use.

Telegram groups can accept upto 75,000 members. Bots can be programmed to moderate the group. It has cool features too!

If you are willing to join the group, please follow the link or search on telegram “Team v2”

Any problem joining and registering please feel free to dm me!

NOTE: This group is not a official v2 chat group. This group is to promote yourself, share and chat about v2 so we don’t spam the forums.

Drop your usernames if you want to get invited without link.

Download telegram for ios and android through google play store and app store.

Wow is very cool that, i didnt know about the moderator bot in telegram


I wish there was a simple to use app Like discord… Telegram seems just like a messenger

never used telegram before but set myself up, user: @waggy2709 couldn’t find the above group just another v2 one that’s been quiet for the past few days

The link doesn’t work

Nm i already entered

I’ll add you to the group.

Nah, it has more features!