Lets be honest

How would you want v2 to have ads

  • ad bar on bottom of app
  • ad before v2 video
  • Frequent popup ad
  • ad like on instagram where it appears on feed like if it were a regular post

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We all know that v2 will eventually have to have ads in some sort one day to accumulate some sort of revenue for creators/for the app in general

If their should be another ad idea to make the ads less intrusive post below


Love the ahead thinking!!


Not sure if we would see random ads on V2, maybe it would be like Instagram where it just appears on our feed like if it was a regular post.


Yes now that would be a really good way to do it I did not think about, Makes it clean and you can scroll right past if you wanted

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I personally dislike having the little bar of an ad below whatever game or content I’m looking at. It’s bareable but just, really distracting? I’d definitely perfer integrated ads like @Chente said


Yes I too dislike the bar at the bottom as it is always there and very distracting

I think the Instagram style is the only logical choice. Makes money for the app and maybe for the creators but they are not intrusive or disruptive to the flow of the app.


Instagram style is really the best choice. I just don’t know how that leads to revenue for creators though

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