Let's All Subscribe

While we all wait to grow and create amazing incredible content on v2 let’s support each other on other platforms. I’ve seen a lot of people posting their social links but not very many follows. So along with including my YouTube I want you to drop yours and as part of it promise to check back and subscribe to the other people who post here. So sharing your YouTube channel (asking just for YouTube as there are plenty of other threads asking for snap, insta and others) here means not only will you be supported your be supported by other people, in the last 7 days there have been almost 4k active users on this forum. So for every sub I gain I’ll return the favor and ask you to do the same for your fellow community members who drop their YouTube links. I say links because let’s keep this easy, make sure that your dropping the link to your YouTube channel and that it’s clickable. Because you can see how many people have posted on a thread you should gain a similar number, if your not, people ain’t keeping their promise to support come back and subscribe to others that post. My count sits at 104, and again for every sub I gain I’ll click on your channels and subscribe that way you gain one too. And that’s how it’ll be, for all us, if we stick to it.

EDIT: If you don’t have a YouTube channel you can drop 1 of your social medias, but please limit it to one, so pick which you want more, but if you do have YouTube please only link it. Thanks.


I will suscribe it now but you can follow me on instagram and add me on snapchat.

:instagram: @ThomyBalca
:snapchat: thomasbalcabao

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Done! Iam the 105 suscriber

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