Let your content speak for itself

These things are very common on the internet these days, and while there technically is a “right way” to do it, they are more often than not abused and misused. This can make viewers annoyed, which is the opposite of the goal I would imagine! Sorry for the lengthy post but it’s definitely important information.

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As you were reading the title of this very topic, you made a choice to click on it. If you chose not to, well then I’m not too sure how you’re reading this right now. But There are two main reasons you might not want to use clickbait in your title.
1: You’re making a promise. If you are strategically altering your title to get clicks, that is clickbait. This is not inherently bad, and to some extent everyone does this when making a title. The issue is when that promise is not upheld. If you make a promise that you will show them five things to change their life, and they click and there are only two, they will be upset. If there are 5 things but they really aren’t that life changing, they will also be upset. That’s not what they were signing up for. You have misled them and they might not click on your videos anymore.
2: Clickbait assumes you are using a “formula”. We are all familiar with it. “these 8 things will blow your mind” “only 4% of all people can get this right” “You probably shouldn’t read this…” There are tons of examples but this is a style of title that is INSANELY overdone. There is a better way to title things. You don’t have to sensationalize everything. Let the content speak for itself.

Begging for "likes"

Before I dive into a rant about this, I will say that it is good to remind people of things. I know on youtube it is a proven thing that if you don’t remind them to subscribe at the end of a video, your numbers will most likely reflect that. HOWEVER, as with everything else on this post, everything in moderation. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. “be sure to SMACK that like button” “like if you cried” “you have to promise me that you’ll share this if I guess the card you picked”. All of these examples draw too much attention to the call to action. Yes it is important that they do so. But you want to make it seem like as simple a thing as possible. Just go ahead and subscribe, that’d be nice. Don’t worry so much about it. The more hype and attention you bring to your command, the less likely they are to do it at times. If your viewer realized the true power of a subscription, they would probably be way more picky about who they subscribe to. They know how to like a post, you don’t need to give them a tutorial on where to find it. Above all, Let the content speak for itself

Stealing content

There is a HUGE difference between inspiration and plagiarism. However, they are two ends of a spectrum. There is a grey area, there are some fuzzy details here and there but usually when you are doing it maliciously or in place of creating your own content, you’re most likely stealing. Partaking in a trend is not stealing. Planking, Ice bucket challenge, fidget spinners, Draw My Life. I openly encourage you guys to follow trends. It is the strategic thing to do. That is where the demand is. It makes ideas for content way easier when you have the trend as a starting point. You will gain a fair amount of popularity if you hop on a trend at the right time. I shouldn’t have to explain every instance of what is and isn’t stealing, but if you feel dirty doing something, don’t do it. If you are influenced by something or you see a video you want to “remix” or respond to by recreating it while adding contrasting elements, go for it! Just do your best to grow things naturally. Let the content speak for itself

Paying for bots

That is bad. You want to have real followers who want to see you and your content? Grow it. Things take time, patience is required, but if you decide to pay some third party to spam clicks on your videos, you will have a bad time. IF you don’t get banned as a result, a lot of times it can actually mess up the algorithms of the platform you are posting on, and you can kinda screw yourself over. If you want more visibility and the platform allows it, by all means promote things. Make advertisements. Nothing is wrong with putting some money into gaining visibility. Just keep in mind that viewers still aren’t the biggest fans of advertisements. The knee-jerk reaction to ads is to skip or scroll away, BUT a lot of times they will see the ad and be interested and click to learn more. Strive to grow your account ethically, or else pay the consequences. Just make good stuff, and Let the content speak for itself

Isolate yourself

There is safety in numbers! V2 will have teams! Collaborations have been known to exponentially grow accounts on youtube, vine, instagram, and plenty of other platforms. Make use of these. Don’t make it any harder on yourself than you have to. Those “bragging rights” you might get when you tell people “yea I’ve never even talked to another youtuber and look at me now” are not that impressive. People really don’t care. They’ll care if you unethically grew your channel through bots, stealing, and clickbait (:wink:), but they won’t really care whether or not you’ve collaborated. This goes for established names as well! Just because you’re the biggest fish in the pond doesn’t mean you’ll always stay that way! Accounts will grow and shrink as long as the platform is alive, and it is much better to build bridges when you CAN rather than when you HAVE TO. Of course starting out it is a little bit of both :sweat_smile: but help out those around you so they can help you! Let the content speak for itself but don’t be afraid to share content with those around you.

Hope you enjoyed the ramble, and I hope you’ve learned something! Proceed forward with an open mind and do what you love, and you’ll reap the rewards that come with it. Godspeed.



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