Let’s trim down the channels

Dear byte team,

I’m sure you’re sitting on an absurd abundance of requested channels of the most ridiculous and niche things. You may be asking yourself, when will we use this garbage.

Look no further! I have the answers for you. We all know that almost no traffic comes through browsing specific channels. With the altplosion giving us dozens of extra channels, the content pool gets thinner everywhere and more hidden. Let’s revisit this change and trim the fat!

My suggestion is to remove some oddly specific channels like barbz, gecs , harrystyles, subway surfers, etc CHANNELS LIKE THESE, and replace them consistently with newer and fresher channels.

The addition of spookyseason and I assume it’s removal in early November is a great addition to byte. Let’s make the front page feel more alive by throwing in some of these weird channels from the suggestion box as temporary channels for a month or 2. THE DOLLY PARTON channel has been on your desk for 4 months.

I have browsed the channel list and counted 13 channels that we can easily set on fire and leave behind. Let’s collapse some similar channels, delete theseniche specific channels, and let’s run 4 or 5 temporary channels for 30-60 days to make byte feel ALIVE.

Thank you for your time. The PowerPoint presentation available by request.


not the barbz channel :running_man:


It’s time has come Rodin. It might come back one day. But it needs to take a rest.


but the barbz😭that was my favorite place


I Hear you… but imagine the hype and life that channel would have once it’s brought out of the vault for its comeback. The channel will be brand new again.


Do we really need a Rats channel? :joy:


I agree with you there are a lot of nonsense channels on the app, and no one uses them to say the truth, Byte should work more on Niches where people are going to actually upload stuff. As like the train boy game and Minecraft should be on the /games channel or hairstyles in the beauty Channel. Maybe Nicky manaj and Ariana grade’s channels should be on the /music channel. As we can talk about other absurd channels…

  • I agree with you, Byte needs to be more Original and this feedback should be taken into consideration.

Agreed. This is what I meant with consolidation of channels. Nicki and Arianna are outliers in music, but their channels have run their course. Let’s put them in a vault and reopen it in a couple months and it’ll seem brand new again.

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Yeah maybe, I respect the people who likes those channels. But I would give a recommendation to the Byte Team and It would be to take away those channels and create a New Layout for the researching page, a better one, I would talk about the last layout or the Vine researching page layout as an example, I would Persuade them to put specific Niches, Talking about: /Funny, /Dance, /horror, /Weird and /trash, /Absurd, /places, /Music, /News, /Gaming, /cats and /dogs, /Family, /Sports, /beauty and fashion, /food, /Art and /diy, /style, /science, /technology, /loop, /chill, /HipHop, /Rock, /dancemusic, /k-pop, /pop, /Jazz and /Soul (ass all genders of music), /Alsocomedy, /Pranks and /Skits, /thezone, /Magic, /cinematography, /Cartons, /LGBTQ, /Debates, /Hype, /Love,/Skatebording, /edits, /good vibes or /say something nice, /specialFX, and /Animals in general, /Work and finally /Education. - so channels that actually make sense as this ones as they are based on Specific Niches that people are going to actually engage on. And also I would persuade them to put Month channels as /spokyseason and /Christmas /thanksgiving , /Newyear - /newyearresolutions as other ones that are based on festivities and traditions.
By persuading them with this I would say that those are the channels that are going Engage with people and also attract more people into Byte.

oH and Ariana has an album coming soon so its gonna be more active

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Fine then she can stay.

The intent of this idea is just to promote more activity in focused areas. If Ariana is going to be the big thing with an album drop them she should stay. The idea is just to be flexible and have more rotating and limited time channels to keep things from getting stale.

So Thanks to your valuable input, I would agree with you that byte should use information like this to promote hot topics


Yes I agree! there are way too many channels. Maybe it would be a good idea to put those smaller channels into something more broad so for instants barbz and harrystyles can go into a ‘celebrity’ channel.


Also if they’re not gonna trim down the channels please put a search function on the select a channel option in the upload tab because sometimes I will be trying to find a channel and I spend 2 minutes just looking through everything to find it😩


Another unexpected but good point!

I’m thinking having just the channels that you follow and a couple of “suggested” channels below that. Maybe based on posts you liked in My Mix or just handpicked by the team.

I’m never gonna really be interested in the Minecraft channel cause I don’t play, but I feel like it would feel more like a community if you saw the channels you follow only.

(And def if those channels showed up more frequently in Your Mix (and were modded)).


There’s 61 channels… I really don’t think we need that many. If you take /harrystyles, /barbz, /lilpeep, and /arianators and combined them into /celebrities… BOOM! We just trimmed to 58 channels. And you can do that with the specific games too. This doesn’t mean get rid of them. I 100% agree with the idea to do something like /spookyseason and a have a special channel for the month. (And maybe bring back some old favorites? :eyes:) And I again agree with at least having a search button for channels because there’s 61 channels. I haven’t said anything that hasn’t been said before, I’m just giving my two cents.


How about /celebrities/barbz and /celebrities/harrystyles?


@ZacMcMillan - your idea is great for finding something in the current swamp, but my goal is to narrow down the focus so that channels are actually viable and have traffic. At the moment, they don’t. I can make a post on /funny, have it sit on the top of the channel all day, and it won’t get any extra views or likes from anyone I don’t know.

@MikeyTantor and @CubeOfCheese - also great ideas to add to the system that’s in place, however I want to reiterate that I am pushing this idea suggestion as an entire overhaul of our current system. I truly believe the way to do it would be to vault these channels and bring them back when theres a reason to hype them again, like when a new album is being released like someone said earlier.

Condensing these channels would be very weird because while they are both celebrities, people may not be fans of both. I think the way it’s done now is right, but it shouldnt be permanent. I’m pushing for 4-5 temporary channels at a time because they can be as niche as they want if they only last a limited time.

Subcategories are organized, but the goal here would be to funnel traffic to targeted areas on the app. This problem still persists with subcategories but takes more clicks to reach your destination


Ah, ok I getcha now. I see the bigger picture

Sounds like featured hashtags but you can only pick one