Let’s talk about SNAPCHAT!

Im not sure if this goes in this topic but okay.

DO YOU LIKE SNAPCHAT? Or is it boring for you?

Also i let my snapsyyyy here:


You could leave yours too


It was good in the old days, but now that everyone is copying stories and snap in general its simply not same (it was really when it was only chat :joy:

Uhh i see hahah I erased it but a few days ago I make a new one hahaha so I still love it

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But i still use it form time to time, still fun haha

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I love the filters there tho haha are amazing


i have to agree

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i dig snapchat. If i had it my way it would be my primary messenger service tbh.

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Ohh yes haha

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I use to be alot more active on snapchat. I enjoyed it. But I would mostly upload videos of me dancing and lip singing :joy:


Ow yes I love that tho hahahah

I love snapchat. I keep throwing shade to those snakes via my story!


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Love snapchat but I really miss when you could only have 2 “best friends” and everyone could see who they were…Those were the days :sleepy:

Oamigooooood yeees, i hated them when they eliminated it :sob::sob: its was cool

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Those days were good !! they had hinted a comeback but it never did sadly

nooo :((

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They have best friends but no one can see it now :broken_heart:

“Streaks” is basically all I type into Snapchat nowadays

Hahahahahaha happens

My snap is @newcr0wn