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So I’ve seen three videos on YouTube and few that I’ve come across on twitter of old viners and now content creators on YouTube talking about byte. A lot of them say that don’t like it (I.e. Heath). What I don’t understand is, they started on vine!!!

It just bothers me when ex-viners and TikTokers put down byte when TikTok stemmed from vine. Vine crawled so viners to walk and TikTok could run. Maybe I’m being over dramatic but I would like to see how you guys feel. :blush:


Opinion: I think you’re being overdramatic, sometimes we need to learn how to appreciate criticism from former viners/TT. Mind you this has been out for a month now, again it takes time to adapt and transition. Take the opportunity and advantage before it :rocket:.

Don’t let the negatives distract success/potential!


I feel like these type posts are starting to be a trend on the community forums!


They don’t like it because they didn’t put in the hard work like the rest of us who did testing and making suggestions to make it great. They know they’re cringey and can’t make people engage with their content in 6 seconds and without edits and fancy camera tricks. Eff em. They’re washed up anyway


The thing is, some of the ex-viners do actually like the app. Everyone has their opinions and they can change over time.

With the Tik-Tokers, it makes sense. They are used to something that existed for a while now and are judging an app that that hasn’t even been out for a month yet.

I’d say it’s too early to even be upset about this. Would be interesting to see what they are saying in a few months/a year though.


Actually a lot of Viners have said they really like it! Check out the article linked in this topic where 5 ex-Viners were interviewed about byte: 5 Former Top Viners About Their Initial Impressions Of Successor App ‘Byte’

Zach King seems to really like it too. There will always be people who are negative about things, but I feel like overall the ex-Viners have a positive view of byte.


Ok so I’ll chill. Just need some feed back! Thanks guys!:blush::blush:

Byte is certainly in an interesting state right now. When vine split a lot of viners had to reinvent themselves. A lot migrated to instagram, youtube, etc. Some were able to make the change seamlessly, while others definitely needed a lot of help with long form videos.

I was on tik-tok for a bit and it definitely helped fill the void while vine was away, but tik-toks branding just wasn’t for me. It felt branded towards a younger audience and byte feels a little bit more mature. I think it will come down to how byte starts to market itself. As they develop marketing I think we will see some people start to migrate over to byte.


HEY MAN I’ve made 3 videos on Byte, all positive. I’m tryna balance things out

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