Let’s talk about ICE CREAM

Hey, guys I’ve noticed the forums are a little slow so let’s talk about something! Who doesn’t love a nice ol’ bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day?! Comment below your favorite flavors! (Also do me a huge favor and follow my instagram #shamelessselfpromo lol instagram.com/georgeswelch)


Chocolate and Butterscotch

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Plain Vanilla Ice Cream with some fudge drizzle strawberries, a little bit of chocolate chip, strawberries and coconut. :smiley:

I could eat any kind of ice cream. Especially fruity ones but for some weird reason i totally dislike chocolate ice cream :sweat_smile:

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Chocolate is ok. I used to love it like crazy but I was like nah

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Either mint chocolate chip or cookies and cream.

Cinder toffee or mint choc :yum::icecream:

Strawberry will forever be my favourite flavour :strawberry::strawberry:

Cookie Dough or bust!

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Oreo Ice-Cream.

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What is bust?

Ah, it’s just a saying. Basically, I’m a cookie dough ice cream guy

:joy::joy::joy: thats funny

Oh man i love the icecream but in my country these days are too expensive hahaha, i love the taste of caramel or chocolate, And yours? I let my instagram too hahaha :instagram: @thomybalca

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Really u dont like the chocolate? That is strange! Hahaha

Ben and Jerry’s coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz

What is cinder toffee? I never heard before

They are coffee icecreams???

there are MANY different coffee icecreams, and some even have coffee beans in them

B&J’s cookie dough, or just good ol’ mint choc chip!

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