Let’s put all negative thoughts/opinions aside for a moment

I see a lot of people on here talking about things like how v2 shouldn’t have an algorithm for $$ like YouTube or how old Viners like Logan Paul shouldn’t be allowed to join this app this and that…none of this should be worried about. v2 is going to be a beautiful creation that everyone will love. I mean look at us now…I for one took Vine for granted. I have spent many of nights post app shutdown laying in bed scrolling through twitter watching Vine threads laughing my ass off until I almost can’t go to sleep. I just think this community needs to focus on creating positive content that is funny/inspiring/creative. The internet is already deemed as a scary place…let’s create something that will be nothing short of awesome. I’m ready to create. :bulb::chart_with_upwards_trend:


amen dude amen.

preach man. People naturally focus on the bad side of thing or how it will benefit theirselves

Awesome ! Really nice what you said there :+1: