Let’s make a Teen (especially Australian) Artist Community

Not sure if it’s okay for me to make this post and I’ll delete it if it’s not but are there any teenagers, especially ones from Melbourne, Australia, who would like to be friends and help each other out when the app does launch?
I kind of want to make a community of teenage artists and of course being in the same area would help but it isn’t required)

There’s a lot of collaboration threads going on rn

There’s a lot more but here’s a few :grin::grin:

Thanks. Should I delete this post then?

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Not necessarily! Since you’re looking for a specific group I think it’s okay, but if you would like to also find other collaborative options there are plenty out there! I’m sure you’ll eventually find your community though! :slight_smile:


I aM AUSTRALIAN AND IM A TEEN!1!1!1!1!1! But I’m from Sydney :frowning:

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I’m in sydney!!!

Ahhh I’m a Martian and I’m 10005 years old… Do I still qualify?

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