Let’s have a rant shall we?

Has there ever been a time there was someone you hated so much, you wanted to round-house kick them or throw them into a pit of fire because of something they’ve done to you (I’m not starting beef or anything, I’m just curious about what enemies everybody had in their lives growing up)

Even tho I wasn’t bullied in high school, I could name a ton of people I wanted to bash their brains out like fr :joy_cat::joy_cat:

Now most of the people I mentioned here are like celebrities I’ve met in person or online so I’d assume what I say won’t be the same as everyone else but some of them are like normal people in society so anyway here I go:

Justin Bieber (I met him in person on tour through Selena Gomez that I met months prior, we talked for like 5 mins then he pushed me and yeah that’s it :joy_cat::joy_cat:

Jake Paul (We go back to ‘07 when him & the Paul family were on holiday in Goiânia, Brazil when I was visiting my maternal relatives there, me and the Paul brothers went back to my granddad’s apartment, an hour in with them, Jake started scraping with me fr, we were cool after that but haven’t heard from him since)

Erika Tham (I used to see her every summer at this Catholic Church in Goiânia that my mum went to when she was a child, I had a thing for her in ‘07, but for Erika it was a 180 turn for her. She would talk shit about me and whenever I talked to her, she would say in Portuguese “sorry I don’t speak English” even though she’s from Canada so dumb init :joy_cat: she even once challenged me to a sword fight IN FRONT of the entire church. What’s worse was back then, she knew Jake Paul, which made our rivalry inevitable.)

Konstantin Bocharov (MÉLOVIN) (I only heard of him through Eurovision but I remember again in ‘07, I bumped into him when I was leaving my granddad’s apartment and he said something in Ukrainian or something, anyway he was pissed and that bothered me the whole day.)

Anna Bogomolova (I was defending her from the haters in her comment section on tiktok by responding to them with an epic roast, when I was doing that, I would get hundreds of likes for it. Anna saw those comments and blocked me immediately after, the nerve :pouting_cat:)

Katie McGlynn (I was making my usual journey to college when I saw her giving me that dirty look that said, “fuck off you pedo”, I was confused to what I’ve done to her, months have passed, I see her and she does it again like “wtf you want from me women!”)

Sam Aston (It was ‘06 when I was on the set of Coronation Street the classic British soap opera, he was jealous that I was getting more attention than him after a few episodes of Corrie was launched and the public loved me, he would do anything to take me down, like literally anything. When my character on Corrie was killed off from a car crash, after the take was finished, Sam was standing by the director and he was subtly cheering as my time on set was over, he actually hated me so much.)

Megan Walsh (She’s just some toff that just a thinks she better than everyone cause she lives in a big mansion in Swindon, can’t even describe the things she’s done.)

Nick Calo (Back when that fake V2 app was around, I was trying to engage with the users that were on there, nick dm me saying “can’t you spamming me please ty”, I tried making a video on that, then the V2 team were like “can you please take this down?” It was like Nick Calo was the stingiest rat of all gaining the corrupt system.)

Agata Świderska (haaipapi) (There’s plenty to mention about her, it was 2016 just coming home from visiting my in Brazil when they were hosting the Olympics, I was in São Paulo airport, walking with my sister about this joke between bake of and take off, Agata came walking in our direction when I was telling this joke, she looked terrified af, it pissed me off a lot. Another time I met her was in May 2017 when I was with my family in Paris, this was on the metro, she was sitting at the other end, and again, absolute disgust look in her face at me. I honestly had with her really.)

Varli Singh (varlicious) (I was commenting something on tiktok in a video about her, then just a few minutes later, she blocks me! That woman needs to chill fr :clown_face::roll_eyes:)

Raamar Prod (prod.og) (I was on his live stream on tiktok, I was wanting to ask him a question, but he just kept on ignoring me, then I asked “why do you keep ignoring me” he replied “I’m ignoring you because I don’t know who you are” I was like “STFU, you don’t even know who any of your 4 million fans are you hypocritical twat, and not to be racist but what’s even worse was the fans he did respond to in his live stream, we’re either black or anyone else that wasn’t white, I’ve thoroughly checked all his fans that asked him a question, and he didn’t even respond to one white fan at all. Unbelievable.)

Levi Underhill (I commented in one of his videos like a month ago about helping others to reach 50k followers or whatever, I commented I was at 12.4k and want to reach 15k, that comment gained hella likes cause that’s what I’m known for. A few days later, he deletes it, I never felt so furious in my life.)

Daniel Keem (keemstar) (I wanted to submit a story for drama alert :rotating_light:, everytime i dm him a story, he just straights up ignores me, on some occasions he would say something along the lines of “fake”, “it’s not interesting” and worst of all “get into real journalism kid, you’re nothing but shit”, that hit me hard :crying_cat_face:)

Louis Tomlinson (When I first started using Twitter, Louis was the few people that followed me when I started, some guy ina band I don’t know the name of, was asking me to promote something forgot what it was but I done it anyway, I asked Louis to try it out but only a few short days later he unfollowed me cause I was “too annoying” that was just cold dang :tired_face:)

Stephan Tries (I actually knew this lad since ’08 at my local church in Trafford, back then we were one of the popular kids that would get all the ladies, one day I was accused of doing something forgot what it was, but it involved Stephan, his mates were bashing on me back and forth nonstop. After that day, I formed my own group that rivaled against Stephan’s, I don’t hate him personally, we actually got along quite nicely, the problem was a few of his mates that he was hanging with that would start spats for no reason whatsoever.)

Georgia Scholes (In case you’re wondering, she was one of Stephan’s mates that he was hanging out with that would sabotage me, in fact she was the reason that this rivalry even happened in the first place. She hated my sister so really there wasn’t any surprises there. She was a master strategist that would plan every move I make just to make my live a misery, and I’m only bring this up because she’s currently in Hollyoaks another British soap opera and it just pisses me off)

Alyssa Powell (this bitch was just as sour as a certain someone when she’d reported me a couple days ago on the forum, Alyssa made my life a living nightmare, she would tell me to stfu, she’d start beef with someone and she would even go as far as talking shit about some of the younger children at our theatre school especially those with additional needs, absolutely disgusting, I’m actually surprised that she actually has friends.)

J Whitt (This is a juicy one, what I have against him is that he was self-promoting himself on one of my BLM videos on tiktok, I responded back to him “how dare you self promote yourself in a middle of a movement”, despite him being black himself he’s still a scumbag for not caring for black lives or his own.)

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This boy tried to misgender me while also stalking and sexually harrasing girls. Lemme just say I’m sort of the reason he got expelled his first year❤️


Might have gone overboard with the writing a bit :joy_cat::joy_cat: but yeah meditation would be nice :sweat_smile:



Yeah, it’s jaamiealoone now :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

Dude holy shit this is a novel lol

You should meditate on these names for the rest of your life like Arya from Game of Thrones. That’s what I would do. “Never forgive never forget” is my motto!


Understandable, have a nice day :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat: