Let’s get spooky

On my latest post I’m asking to hear your local ghost stories and legends.

I plan on doing a whole series of art pieces on them in October. So let me have it! Doesn’t matter if you think it’s true or not.

Is there a haunted house in your neighborhood? A local cryptid beast? A strange occurrence or unexplained local legend?

Let me know. Give me details, please! The weirder the better!


ngl this artwork is fire.


Thank you so much!! Hope to do way more like it in October if people give me enough stories.



I’m gonna be recovering from surgery for a few days so I’m gonna need some stuff to read. Gimme them stories!

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My mum called my phone at like 7am on a Sunday morning. I answered "what’s going on someone dying? " and she was like no, I’m just having trouble with messenger, so I spend 20 mins troubleshooting over the phone … it was a horrific experience. Get well mate :jack_o_lantern: :+1:


HAHAHAHA truly horrific and soul sucking - can relate! I might actually be able to spin something off that. Cheers my friend! Tell phat frog and broccoli I said hey. They’re my favorites

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Honestly love to send some tracks if you want to use it in your video

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Yeah man! Please! That’s so kind of you!

Ok, I’ll go ahead and drop one of my personal favorites. Maybe that will inspire some people. If you follow me on twitter you’ve already heard this.

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs AR. It’s this beautiful, enormous stone mansion on top of a mountain in the Ozarks.

It was a teachers college in the 1900’s but had to close down. Then in 1937, a radio personality named Norman G. Baker bought it. Baker was the equivalent of a right-wing conspiracy nut of his day. His radio shows were immensely popular. He’d talk crap about the government and modern medicine. He announced he was opening a hospital in the Ozark mountains…and had a cure for cancer.

People came in droves. They would have to sign a massive stack of papers, the last of which was blank.

The “cure” mainly consisted of drinking the local spring water and a “tonic” made from watermelon seeds. This, of course, didn’t work. He killed at least 44 people.

Once they died, he would put the blank sheet of paper with their signature into a typewriter. He would write the deceased’s family, saying that treatments were going well, they were going to stay longer, and to please send more money.

The bodies were kept in cold storage in the basement. He would experiment on them further before selling them to medical schools.

He made roughly $4,000,000. Around $75,000,000 in today’s money. He skipped town after 2 and 1/2 years and was arrested for mail fraud.

There are at least 7 ghosts reported to haunt the hotel.

Michael - a maintenance man who fell through two stories of open flooring while the hotel was being refurbished. He landed in what is now room 218 and died instantly.

Theadora - a nurse from the days of Norman Baker. She resides in room 419 and will “tidy up” your room in the middle of the night should you leave things out.

Lady in the Mist - since it’s on top of a mountain in muggy Arkansas, mist and fog are very common. A woman is often seen walking the grounds, lost in the white haze.

The Lady in White - a woman in an evening gown is seen sitting at a table alone in the dining hall.

The Dapper Man - a man in a fine suit and bowler hat sitting at the bar, often smoking a cigar, who rattles glasses and sets off the bar taps.

And finally the Boy and Girl - two children that run through the halls at late hours. They also tap and tug and pull on patrons.

Oh, and the reason Norman Baker was never formally charged with murder was because they could never find any actual remains. He said the deceased patients were always sent home with their families. They were not.

Recently, while they were digging to put in an archery field behind the hotel grounds, they came across 500 apothecary jars. Full of preserved human remains.

I’ve been to the Crescent myself. It is an absolutely BEAUTIFULLY preserved piece of architectural history. The surroundings are gorgeous, especially in the fall. And downtown Eureka Springs is a blast and is totally out of place here in the south. Imagine San Francisco but up in the winding mountains.

They offer ghost tours. You can actually go into the meat locker where they kept the bodies and see some of the jars on display. They also have fireside ghost stories and lectures discussing local legends and the superstitions of the Ozark mountains. The superstitions themselves are batcrap insane and I could start a whole separate thread just on those.

The whole place is eerie, gorgeous and dream like. Can’t recommend it enough.

So what about you? What’s creepy or weird about your state? Your neighborhood?

One time I sneezed in my sleep so loud it woke me up. I heard a little echo of it as I woke and was pretty freaked out until I woke up a bit more and realized I was dumb.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: ghost sneeze!!

Any local ghost stories or legends in your area?

Ya there’s quite a few legends in my area, I live in a small town so that’s common. Nothing I keep up on or know enough about to tell.
You could look up the Ghost Light in UP Michigan though :slight_smile: that’s a good one.

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