Let’s get famous

Guys let’s get me to a million followers on Instagram anyone who follows I will follow back I promise! :heart:️:blush::heart:️ Let’s all get famous my insta is @allisonndreher follow me!

Not to ruin your dream but there only are 7.3 K users in the forum. You should lower the expectation to at least 1K.


Followme first and them i follow you :instagram: @thomybalca

Hahahaha his heart right now💔


Hahahaha omg

I see all of these posts about “getting famous” and stuff, but it seems like most people “getting famous” is more important to them, rather than making good content…


Yup yup. Fame-hungry/money-hungry people who rose up and then abandoned Vine are what killed the app last time.

It’s a good idea to dream and to strive for success, but there’s just a threshold where it can become more greedy and delusional.

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