Let me put your mind at ease?

I know a lot of people are still worried about engagement and stuff like that, but guys…I promise you once the team and developers of Byte add all the new updates and the app is finally “marketing worthy” overall engagement will skyrocket. You have to remember this app is still very much in its infancy stage and it’s going to take some time before this app is able to compete with the best but if you ask me I think this app is steadily starting to make a name for itself. However, just try to be patient a little longer I promise it’ll all work out in the end :slightly_smiling_face: :black_heart:


Great advice. I’m about a month into the app so far and I’m really enjoying it. It was a slow start to me but you really get as much out of the app as you put into it. The more I use it the more I’ve liked it and the more it’s rewarded me.

I can’t wait to see the new features it adds as it moves out of infancy and becomes a big contender.


Precisely. I’ve posted a few of my Bytes on my snapchat story to my old Uni and HS friends, and they absolutely love them, but there’s one question I’ve gotten at least 10 times: ‘Why are you making vines when Vine is dead?’ (I’m not! Byte exists!)

Literally, I think 99% of people who used Vine or know what Vine was have no clue that Byte exists. There is little to no marketing so far other than a few small social media posts and word of mouth. Once the UI is perfected to become a more marketable, pervasive platform, we’ll get a resurgence bigger than when it went live from Beta to on the app store.

Dom put it best when he summed up basic marketing strategy in a previous post:

"you don’t buy ads (or influencer campaigns) until you’re sure that you’ll retain a good portion of the people you’re advertising to. otherwise you’re spending a lot of money on people who try it once and don’t come back. that’s called a leaky bucket and it can be pretty bad for a business

right now our main focus is on making the app better and listening to feedback. when the the time is right we will invest in marketing :slight_smile:" --> link: Byte Marketing

So, in conclusion, I think we’re in good hands. After working on an app with 200+ million active users and selling his app to a triple-A company (Twitter), I think he knows what he’s doing. And, again, give it time. It’ll have been ~4 weeks out of the numerous years Tik Tok / Musically was out (a total of 6, going on 7, years, to take off).


Jesus. Everytime when someone brings up the engagement I see you write a whole essay, @Byte should consider hiring you :triumph::man_shrugging:t4:@PlasticRice


Once Prozd gets on Byte we’re good to go.


As great as it is to see celebrities and popular ex-Viners on byte, I don’t see very many of them putting as much time and effort into their byte videos because they’ve already built audiences elsewhere. That’s why I’m glad we’re able to raise up a new generation of original “byters” who are dedicated to this platform and whom people will see as famous because of byte. We just need to keep up the hard work! :blush:


@agent89 I like to imagine Vine was basically Motown back in the days where small vocalists, bands, and artists would audition to get record labels, it was where everyone was able to start in the mid-late 20th century. People have moved on, though – Vine disappeared, but people who went to Motown were immortalized into the music industry, so there’s no reason for them to go back.

I believe Byte could be the same thing down the line, given it grows. Everyone’s here trying to make something for themselves, and have some fun while we’re at it, and watch it grow together. Imagine platforms like these as…auditions, in a way, before popular users move to Insta, YouTube, or even get actual jobs thanks to connections they’ve made.

It’s honestly awesome, seeing where people go. ProZD from vine? Full-time voice actor, comedian, YouTuber. Lele Pons? YouTube legend. Jake Paul?..uh…yeah, whatever he is now lmao :point_right::clown_face::point_right:


I agree (I was mostly joking about the prozd thing)

That’s where I’ll be curious where the app will start to go. It’s in a little bit of a strange in-between right now where users are trying to migrate from tik tok or relive the legendary jokes of vine. Right now I think the community is generally trying to find out what is byte, and what do it’s users care about and I think the best users are ones that are able to separate themselves from TikTok and vine and see it as a new platform with a complete new experience.

I’m not sure any of us know that answer quite yet on how to make the best bytes, but as we use it more it will mold into its own being. It’s cool to be on the pioneering end of things for this app, and I think us early users need to remember we are very much pioneers who are helping shape the experience for future byters.


Well put.


Absolutely agree with you. And we have the potential to be able to look back on our history and be like, “dang, it was all thanks to byte that I got to this point.” :blush:


Absolutely agreed. I am starting to see some trends in the app, though. Comedy is definitely one of the primary genres that I see a lot of. In addition, music is gaining ground, and the TV edits that became popular on Vine back in its final months are now thriving here. At least, those are what I have observed so far.