Lesbians at the roller derby

Another accurate title
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Profanity, I like you man, we worked together at oevo but using lesbians as a title mainly as clickbait is not cool at all.


is it the first time? no
will it be the last? no

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Respect the LGBTQ community bro. They gon come bite u.

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Might want to change the title… The LGBTQ+ deserve some respect bro.

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No disrespect here

Exactly its just an accurate title no disrespect

I hope in a decade from now you won’t have to say sorry like Kevin Hart.

Me too chief people have gotten way too sensitive im hoping by the time it actually matters people will have came to their senses at least a little

I don’t get the idea of free speech, when we cannot give our real opinions on things just to be likeable to others. The world is becoming more sensitive and less tolerant.

Im hoping we can do something about that but its not looking too good right now people kind of only listen to celebrities at this point so maybe in a few years i can do something…

well its that easy,

just do it

I mean, work his ass up he’ll get there easily if is in America