Legends or New v***rs?

I’m really excited to see new people!

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So, do you only watch vines? Or want to create some?

Yeah, you’re right! The previous content creators are making good content I enjoy now (at least the ones I liked are now), so opening up the market for newer talent sounds way more exciting.

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I am mostly excited for new viners. Most of the old viners that are known make unoriginal content that you can see was already has been done before. Either that or they are cancer like the Paul brothers


I’d really like to see new people

i cant wait to be part of the v2 community can you make any type of video for v2

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when it comes to humor- I’m looking to new and old people, it doesn’t really matter to me anyway. with edits (which is what i joined vine for), i kinda wish the old editors would come back

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Yes indeed. New people = new ideas

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Didn’t think that really… I didn’t even try😅 what about you?

They would, but not the ones who got so much fam from vine, and jumped to YouTube