Legality of using sounds

Hey, thought of this after the 27th real-hot-girl-shit post (pun intended).
Whats the legality of people using sounds outside byte and getting paid through cashapp?

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I am very confused about your question here. What does cash app have to do with this?

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Fair enough, i shouldve elaborated better. My bad. I guess im asking if, when people get paid by byte, for content that uses other peoples music (or anything with copyright) is there legal reprocussions for that? Like claiming it on taxes or what not? Or even if the law allows.
Im obviously no lawyer haha

Ok I get it now. You’re asking if there is a legality issue with us being paid for bytes through cash app while using sounds that may be copyrighted material.

I don’t know if anyone here is going to have the knowledge to fully answer that question lol. I don’t know who here is versed enough in law and social media.

I’ll just weigh in with some wild guesses. I imagine that since we are not employed by byte these payments are gifts, and you are allowed to receive gifts.

With copyrighted stuff, you can probably argue a lot of byte material is fair use because it’s transformative in some way, but I don’t know at what point someone comes after byte for copyright things for allowing any user uploaded sound.

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music companies aint gonna care until this platform gets popular


Byte isn’t paying people down to content or a single post as far as I’m aware. It’s more like a tip, no? Like streamers getting donations, it’s just a gift essentially.