Least favorite kind of twitter accounts?

I have to say I’m not a big fan of retweet accounts. I’ts OK, but why not update it with content rather than only shoutouts.

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definitely the ones that steal popular tweets from years ago, get tons of clout, and then promote themselves by saying “haha follow for more funny tweets” but again, they’re all stolen, and that’s all they post. it’s like, c’mon man, is this really ok to you?


I’m not surprised by that. Beyond clout chasing, it’s all about doing things which are already popular to get more traction. The equivalent of all these Youtube channels doing reaction channels. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but hey that’s twitter for ya.


yeah, but what’s even worse is that they’re pretending like they wrote those tweets themselves. do they have no shaaaaaaaaame
plus i see people i know RT them all the time, so their scheme is working, while i never see reaction videos on my youtube recommends (thank goodness)


Yeah reaction videos are the worst :rofl: