Learning To Not Care What People Think

Looking for validation by being liked, or even being loved is not the route one should go. Life goes along a lot farther when you don’t care what people think of you. Don’t let these apps and most importantly yourself and the people you surround yourself think otherwise. Peace.


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we don’t exist

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While true that a person shouldn’t base their personal self-worth on the approval of others, the desire to be validated and accepted is human nature. There can be a healthy balance. As a personal example, I care what my friends think of me, because I use their approval of me as an indication that I am a decent human being. If suddenly my friends abandoned me, I’d have to think about what it was that I did to lose them and change. Additionally, the comments from strangers I receive give me a decent outsider’s perspective on how my behavior is being received. If enough people criticize or condemn me, it’s worth taking a look into.

People that want to shit on me for no reason and have unhelpful criticism? Pff. Fuck them.


Thanks for the reminder. Very true.


Hopefully this assits a couple of people out there. I can’t help anyone but I know this will vibe with some people and not others

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The last sentence I agree with

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I see this happening with certain creators as their following becomes bigger, but I’ll save that story for another day