Learning how to code

Any suggestions where to start?


Depends on what kinds of programs you want to code.

apps? Websites like Youtube? A game? A website?


I’ve used both of those, but I wasn’t very consistent. They do teach programming languages with courses, and building projects. If you are interested you’ll have fun :blush:


i tried codeacademy and it was pretty usefull, it just didnt intrigue me to continue xD


Lol why not?

Khan Academy is good for basic basics. I liked Codecademy for sure!

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I used CodeAcademy about three years ago, it’s turned out to be pretty useful, although they give you the answers to the code I would take notes to retain information :slight_smile:

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I completed freecodecamp.org two years ago , but remember nothing, but it was tons of fun! But, Now I’m in an online course on Udemy.com learning to code with Swift (iOS coding language.) It’s quite fun. But theirs tons of free places to learn to code on youtube as well.


So check it boiii, I went to a stupid college where I learned the basics to eventually just learn everything I need online. Try lynda.com if you have the money since it’s a great service and the first month is free…so you can abuse that with multiple emails lol.
Now where to start should be by learning basic programming logic.
Then going into a real language(java, c++, c#, python) or web design(html, css, php, javascript )
And finally after you learn how the logic of programming works, you could specialize yourself on one of the popular languages/modules people use to create apps and programs or heck even games.
Before I started college I used khan academy for the absolute basics.
Try this link:


just start messing around, it gets a lot better later :sweat_smile:


OK. The few things which will help you learn coding.

12 free websites for coding (article)

Best programming language to learn


Best of luck!

Finding this thread very useful


I’m not into this but my dad is a programmer, I would recommend that you go to courses, watch tutorials on YouTube and buy many books. My father has a lot books of more than 800 pages.
The computer books are extremely long

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Thanks everyone!! I think I’ll start with the most basic first with codeacademy. Then proceed on to the rest. Thanks again!!

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Before I recommend my opinion, I would like to say I am a beginner programmer in every aspect. So my ideas could and probably is wrong.

What I felt after I completed it was that learning python alone is good for learning algorithms that you wil use alongside other languages and libraries.

I feel you only need to know the basics of python’s syntax and secrets and how it’ OOP work. Than you should rather start learning awesome libraries like pygame where you learn more about the language and library as you work on projects.

You will than learn via reading on the net while having fun creating a cool game.

But I guess if you want to be a computer scientists than I recommend MIT Opencourseware for computer scientists.
You can start from this - https://digitaldefynd.com/best-python-tutorial-class-certification-course-training-online/

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If you want to learn Javascript, check out the online tutorials and download this book called “Eloquent Javascript”. Use it side by side. It does some of the explanation and the author has made the ebook available for FREE!
Here’s the link:

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Udemy was incredibly instrumental in getting me to where I am today. They’ve got really good classes on basically every aspect of programming (iOS, Android, web development, basic programming practices / standard). With the classes I took while attending highschool, it wasn’t until the end of my sophomore year of college that I even started to learn new things.

Usually the classes are pretty cheap (I think each of the classes I took averaged maybe $15, and many were pretty comprehensive). If there’s a class you want to take, but it’s too expensive, just wait a month or so and they’ll like have a 50%-90% off sale.

For learning a very specific thing, there’s some great YouTubers out there too. But, unfortunately there is a lack of “general programming practices” type on this platform.


I recommend learning Python. It’s a popular and easier to learn language.

Some other languages I strongly recommend after you’re more experienced, (you should stick with one language at a time)


Machine learning wouldn’t hurt either.
For the time being.

BUT that’s for “down the road”

But for now, I strongly recommend you start with Python. It’s debatable that you can learn BEST from books instead of apps.

Good luck!