Learning from their mistakes

Snapchats stocks and popularity are taking a nosedive because of a shitty update and insensitive content. Let’s learn from this.



idk what the ceo was trying to do, but i guess it didn’t work. i heard he wanted to change social media or something

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The ceo definitely did change something in social media… made everyone jump to insta stories :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i love this comment please keep it here forever :joy:


I like the update, contrary to what other say I think it’s more organized but that’s just my opinion… but snapchat recently did a poll putting Chris Brown and Rihanna against each other in such a distasteful way that Snapchat is losing people…


I feel that snapchat is another app right now, it change a lot and in my opinion it get worse. I still using snapchat but without enthusiasm.

That was a big oof for snapchat, it made me really hate the app tbh

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can’t stand the update. can never see the stories of people other then people that message me

in app store ratings went from like 4.5 to 2, and they are still dropping

About the ad- I do not know if Snapchat necessarily viewed the ad or just let a company purchase and post one.

It was rented, but all ads are reviewed so there’s not anything inappropriate. It got cleared by someone who works there (a few someones), so the blame does partially fall on them / those workers

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