Learn my accent

I created a hashtag called #learnmyaccent. Thought it’d be funny for people to briefly explain how to talk from their state or country.

I grew up in Michigan my whole life assuming I didn’t have an accent. A couple years back I looked up the Michigan/Midwest accent and I can’t unhear it in my own speech now. What’s yours sound like?


I think my accent is pretty boring so I gave some examples of the Dutch English accent instead because I’m half Dutch myself.

Go check it out!:

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@Jobag I’m from Indiana. You are dead on. I had to go look at my vids and yep I totally talk like this :joy:

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The more I listen to the people around me the more I hear it. The letter T is very hard for us apparently. It’s been my experience the further up north you go the worse it gets lol.

Don’t even get me started on the people that say “pitcures” instead of pictures

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Haha I’m learning so much I love it!!

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The steak one always makes me cringe when the Dutch pronounce it! :rofl:

Do some people actually say “pitcures”? :rofl:

It’s more like “pi’chures“ in Michigan it depends who you talk to. Some people say pictures just fine. Others that T sound is just too hard for them.

If you write it like that it sounds more familiar. Lol :joy:

The T is just a fcked up letter to pronounce a lot of times but it also depends on the word.

I have the same problem when speaking Dutch but with the letter R instead. In Dutch the R is pronounced the same way as in Spanish I guess and it’s impossible for me to do it. :joy: