Leaderboard Top 100 for every country

Yeah regional would be a good addition to having niche categories. Probably a filter search maybe?

That is a brilliant idea and design

I don’t think it should be a huge thing like a big number next to their username or anything, but a page similar to YouTube where you can see a big list of the most popular on V2, maybe another panel for “hot” for people who’ve gained lots of attention and numbers in very little time. Also having a global leaderboard as well as an option to look at different regions is great!!

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This is a great idea. It literally looks so real!

Hahahaha unfortunately it is not my design, its the old vine :vine: ui search tab design that I got from Google.

Hahahaha unfortunately it’s not my design, its the old vine :vine: ui search tab design that I got from Google.

Well dang. (You could’ve taken credit for yourself :wink:)
I still think it’s a great idea!

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True that will make people work harder

This is a great idea. Every country should have their own leaderboards, for example, the USA.

The leaderboard will be auto-updated every 24h based on the number of likes received in the last 24h.

But there are certain disadvantages of this, The top popular users will remain top for long period and they will be raising faster not giving a chance to talented unpopular users.

yoo this idea is dope andd cool and that screenshot looked soo real

that’s cool. @dom I was going to say every continent instead of country but actually what you guys planned originally is much better and would give small accounts views

The idea is good, but what about countries that wouldn’t have all that many users?

Yeah, I think this would be a good idea.

I think we should have a feature in the app that allows us to see the most popular content by region not country (like a mapamundi). Those regions could de Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Middle East.

However, this content should not be sorted by the region the creators are from, but in which the content is popular. This would become important because this is the way to avoid a region bias for the creators.

Good idea! On Like, there is the same feature

Any more ideas on this topic?

I mean I’d definitely want this

I like the idea, it can be useful for collaborations

Now all of these new features were great when Byte released and TikTok users are migrated to this app, please bring Leaderboard Top 100 for every country for new users!