Latest show/series you've watched?

the latest show i watched was Daredevil (Season 3). Currently watching The 100. What about you?

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That’s a good one.
Currently watching Dear White People. Just finished Jane The Virgin.
aaaa I live for Justin Baldoni

I watched an anime called Erased. It was preeety goood. I recommend it very much

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Just finished Big Mouth, planning on watching Bojack Horseman.


Just caught up on South Park now I’m watching king of the hill.

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Haven’t had a whole lot of time to watch shows, however I’m currently working on Daredevil (still season 1) and the Crown season 2 and I finished Big Mouth season 2.

Shameless, The Flash, and Ghost Adventures :blush:


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The 100 is sooo good. Every season there’s a drastic change that makes wanna know what’s gonna happen next. Hope you enjoy it. Btw what season r u at?

Just finished season 1! Tonight gonna start watching S2.

Paradise PD

The Good Doctor!

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Lucifer :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Elite, Sabrina and Riverdale

Black mirror, one of the best series I’ve ever watched

I liked the first two seasons of the hundred, the. I got bored, but I promise I get bored even with series that are really good

I began watching The Haunting of Hill House but I am not sure if Im into it.

Father Brown and The Flash. Designated Survivor with my sister. And I’m always going through Bob’s Burgers on a loop lol

Just finished The Flash a few weeks ago & the new season of Once Upon A Time. I think I’m gonna start watching The Arrow very soon (:

The series I finished quite recently which happens to be my favorite series of all time is Money Heist, also known as La casa de papel…