Latest, popular, and playlists options? Wheel interface for icons on videos? PHOTO EXAMPLES

TL;DR: More options for organizing videos on profiles, and where to put said options. Change the layout for menus on videos to a more simple and easy wheel design that allows for more room to add features without adding more clutter to the small screens. Look at photos below.

Real Estate is everything. The hardest part of when it comes to Bytes minimalistic design is that adding features takes up space on a small screen. How can we add more without it feeling like to much?

So not only am I going to make recommendations, but I also went out of my way to make photo examples.

First things first, I think Byte needs a “Popular” tab so viewers are able to shuffle a profile’s videos so that they can see large videos with ease, what may be a creators most notable work. I think that could greatly help with first impressions! And if Byte wants to really go out of their way, I think it would be cool if we could make a playlist of our own personal favorite videos. Be that our own, and maybe by other people too. This could be a great way to show off collaboration videos, and/or what you see as your own personal best. Use it how you need it. I could see starting out with only being able to make one playlist for now. If such a program seems to be popular, maybe allow people to make more than just one and have them be able to organized them like on the search screen with little titled boxes.

I think a great place to put such options, is right below our description on our profile.


I think a wheel option screen would be ideal (or pizza as I like to think of it, as you ‘byte’ an option). My reasons are simple. You can add to the wheel in a very easy manner and it opens up to more options to give people without hiding menus in menus, and it’s so simple. You can clean off the video screen more, just a heart button and the wheel, and you could even add a follow feature right from the videos themselves. Even more, once the wheel is open, you can either hit the button, or make a line with your finger in that direction on the screen and it will open too.

I like the idea of having the comment section, rebyte section, report/block, and follow option all so close. If we ever get a guild option, add a part on the wheel. I can’t imagine it will ever get too full, but there is clearly a limit to this too. That said, I think it would not only be way better but I think it calls back to the simple functionality of Byte while allowing more ease of use and flexibility to add more complexity to the app.

Thank you for being part of my Ted talk.


I agree I would love to be able to access people popular uploads on their profiles. :+1:

It took you one mins to read this?

yeah :grinning:


More options for organizing videos, and where to put them. Change the layout for menus on videos to a more simple and easy wheel design that allows for more room to add features without adding more clutter to the small screens.


He want to be able to filter through someones account for example he want to be able to see someones popular uploads. He would also like to have a playlist where it shows everyones favourite bytes. A wheel for different features which would be nice if its it was a pizza and would be like byting an option and also to have the simple stuff like rebyting etc still easy to access but also has room to add more stuff to it

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I agree with the idea and easy to implement hopefully it’s in the @byte bucket list.

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ah I thought you meant for me to summarise :joy:

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Yeah but it took you for a while

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It’s cool it’s all love :upside_down_face:

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Anyways I’ve just checked out your content and its good keep it up :grinning:


@TomWho I think you might like my idea. I just noticed your post after I made this. This in the context of making it more easy to get people to follow you.


TL;DR: Your Thoughts? @dom & Byte Team?

Umm I Rather want to have Simple & Unique Interface we have rn… I don’t need those features.

But other people might, like people who post a lot of bytes.

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May I ask what do you mean?

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So basically like the Insta Featured posts on your profile and then a view sorted by loops, likes or rebates?

Well, there are two different ideas here.
As for the first system. The playlist can be what ever. I like the idea of being able to add other peoples videos to it. So it is not like Instagram in that context.

As for the other part, I really am indifferent. Loops, likes, or both. Maybe loops divided by likes.

I think there needs to be something for better organizing.

That said, I am more interested in the wheel if I have to pick one at the moment.

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I think the wheel idea looks kinda ugly. as well because the UI would be so unique of any other app, many new users may find it hard to understand and possibly reject it.