Lamborghini or Ferrari

Ok. I have always loved exotic cars. And when any one that doesn’t know a lot about the cars they always think about those cars first. So let’s have a vote. Lamborghini or Ferrari?

Lamborghini, but I know nothing about cars, I just think they look prettier and I always try to get them in car games :joy::see_no_evil:

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Toyota Camry 2007.

I don’t know anything about exotic cars, but from the looks I like Lamborghinis.

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Lambo of course. I personally find Ferrari’s designs to be not as slick.

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Koenigseggs are my favorites but out of them probably lambo


Lamborghini all the life

Tesla Roadster

I vote for Ferrari!

Obviously the Barbie Glam Convertible is the best choice SL1500


You are a man of fine taste, good sir.

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Why thank you for recognizing good taste :joy:

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Seems a little more subtle than a lambo.

Same here I love Koenigseggs

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I would have to go with lambo tbh

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Lambo but will probably pick a Mini Cooper if choice offered.

An absolute stunning car. 10 out of 10👌🏻

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Lamborghini veneno

lambo 10 out of 10 :+1::ok_hand:

Thank you. She’s a beauty

Wow, can’t even imagine the insurance for that