Lack of Basic Features

Does anyone else feel like the app is extremely bare bones? I get the team is working on algorithm issues but I also feel that some basic features would make quality of life so much better. I can’t even see who IM following(???). I know the app just came out but some basic features would help so much.

Is this a first world problem? I just feel like if I was a new user I would feel how basic the app is. As a beta user i love the app BUT i am bias because of my love for the byte team and community.

For example: this version was posted 5 months ago and you could tag accounts in your bio and have clickable social links. I hope it’s getting closer to release for this.


That wasn’t a version just a mockup, these are still planned features just to be implemented at a later date. There’s a whole lot we know that’s planned for the future of the app, release was a big hurdle for the team I’m sure, and they’ll presumably be looking into releasing more soon lol


Yeah it’s basically like we never left the beta version and as much as it feels like home it shouldn’t be that lacking in the features you mentioned. I can only imagine how empty the app must feel like for the public when they downloaded it on release. I love the app but wish it there were more larger scale updates rather than just adding or removing a popular page.


Tbh im incredibly biased towards the app .it’s hard to put me in the shoes of a newcomer

But I bet I’d be turned off by the lack of certain features.

I believe in the team tho and I know they got all this planned


Did not know it was a mockup the way that they moved the phone around in Dom’s video so my bad on that one. And yes I am praying that they are releasing more features soon.

Yes, but don’t get me wrong, those popular page updates are definitely necessary.

That is how I am feeling and I just hope people give the app a try again in a few months when there is more features added.


working on it! keep leaving feedback though, it helps us prioritize. but we are a little under 5 days old :slight_smile: most people don’t use apps on the day they launch, which is why it’s more apparent here

the iphone didn’t have an app store for a year. some people were actually in diapers when instagram and snapchat came out. some people on youtube today weren’t even born when it came out. even tiktok (as musically) is almost 6 years old

there’s always stuff you wish you could get in for launch but at some point you have to move out of beta and develop in public. and it’s totally fine because the vast majority of people haven’t heard of byte, or if they have, haven’t decided to try it yet

vine didn’t have front facing camera for 3 months (yikes)


Yes, but it was a featured app on the App Store. All the buzz over it being the successor to vine.
Completely out of your control, I totally get it.

So true and I understand your points. I wish this app would have grown gradually like every other app eg. twitter, IG. The unfortunate part was it blew up due to people wanting Vine again.

I hope you know I am not complaining, just stating the Lack of Features and don’t want to drive people away.

Thanks for your reply and update to the community.


that buzz isn’t a big deal though. i know it seems huge but think about how much you ignore those app store features and tech news normally. :slight_smile: it just seems bigger when you’re close to it. there is a ton to grow into


Awesome, I was just thinking about how when I joined I never used it and deleted the app but then they rebranded over time and now its the biggest app. You just put it into perspective for me, and thank you again for taking the time to address the concerns I had.


I’m sure you’re aware of what the community as a whole is looking for in next features, but does it line up with what the team are planning, or do you have other plans as to what’s of highest priority right now?


Dom whats preventing the app from growing is there is no link to share videos or embed them which is the key to some viralness… Seems kinda simple but thats how musically blew up. My opinion is launch should’ve been held until those few key features were done (but thats just my opinion) :slight_smile: good with the app. I love it though


we’re starting on that tomorrow :slight_smile:


it does line up. our immediate roadmap is more or less what the biggest requests are and there are a few surprises along the way. trying to split it roughly 50/50 between standard stuff that we should get in and new stuff that hasn’t been done before


Good to hear, I like that you have more than just what everyone wants, but obviously to address some needs/wants of the community is great! Excited to see the surprises as always


Oh dom while I have you here!!! BIG RECOMMENDATION. When you go to popular now make it so a random video from pop now is shown each time, not chronological order…it helps ALL the popular now videos get exposure and not just the same one thats been at the top for hours. I mean maybe not totally random but ya know


Dom said the new popular 2 page will be random read more here:

Continuing the discussion from Algorithm Changelog (ongoing):


we’re also quickly ramping up on hiring engineers which will help a lot. we are tiny :slight_smile:


if you’re hiring for the social team let me know. I’d love to apply!


Can we have a feature where we could go live to talk to our fans


coming later down the line!