LA Byters? "C- Block" applications!

Hello! I’m wondering how many people on this forum live in Los Angeles?
Would love to get to know some people and collaborate with in real life!

I’m starting a team as well! I have a super dope name for it, but I’ll announce the name when the Byte Beta is officially out! L.A. creators being involved in the team would be super convenient and would honestly help the brand so much!

But even if you don’t like in L.A., I’d still be interested in accepting you into the team!
Please be:

  1. 16 or older
  2. Committed to creating
  3. Outgoing!

Let us know:

  1. Your age
  2. Yout Name
  3. Were you on Vine?
  4. What are your goals for byte?
  5. Are you committed and devoted to “C-Block”?

If you have any examples of content you’ve already created (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. [even Tik Tok…]), please feel free to respond to this with either your link or your username!

So excited to get to know you all better!

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Dont make them come to you pick people u see fit


I agree. Most people are too shy or cannot be bothered to apply. But if you’re really willing for this to be successful, do the hard work yourself. Show people that you’re determined and fierce :heart: @Brayin


Allow the 12 year olds


let me in im only 6 but im savage


Savage enough to dab on the h8terz?


no im not that savage :((


same for you if you already feel like you have a chance and have the motivation you wouldent need to sign up and those are the people u want to be going for


I’m not planning on starting or joining any teams yet. How about yourself?

I’m just looking for to create new friendships in this industry and I think this could be a dope way to be introduced to new people who share the same passion.


i agree with this completely. which is why i made this post to get to know more people with the same passion for creating the best content possible. i only want the best creators, so i’d like to gather some people to choose from.

granted, i already have a core group of people, i’d like to meet NEW people :slight_smile:

i agree true friendships are very important, especially when it comes to social media in which a lot of ppl can be shady and fake.

I think you should wait and choose your collaborators after the app is released.

Want some international friends, I’m in Canada.


i feel like it would be easier to make friends and grow before the app is released than after tbh

and i’ve always wanted to move to LA :’) but i live in philadelphia rn

I’ve been thinking bout that for a while.

Yes! Canada is amazing!

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I just moved here a month ago from Baltimore. Not too far from Philly. You can do it! :smiley:

Hey I’d like to join the team!

I’m Alley (@alexandriareddd on insta), I’m 16 years old, female, really outgoing and excited to make some great content and great new friends on byte. I was not on vine-- I made a couple with friends but I was more of a viewer really. My best way of communication is through here or email. I come to LA from time to time (I act professionally but I’m definitely not famous) and my next trip is late January/ early February, so before byte is speculated to come out. I’m definitely devoted to being on C-block :wink: