KSI vs Jake Paul

You might’ve known KSI called out Jake Paul after his fight. Who do you think will win? I think Jake buried himself when he made that video against ksi

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I’m not really sure seeing as I’ve basically given up with this type of youtube drama, although someone from my school year actually went to go and see the fight between KSI and Joe Weller (I think) and from the shots they took on snapchat, it looked pretty damn hilarious.
KSI isn’t such a bad guy though, so I’d rather KSI won over Jake Paul obvously

Love both so would be a killer match to watch

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Nah bro, his fighting style looks a bit weird yeah, but it doesn’t affect his fighting

Not sure who will win but maybe KSI.

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KSI, don’t really like Jake Paul :woman_shrugging:

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A fight? What happend?

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I don’t like either, fame changed ksi in a bad way and Jake Paul was always… well Jake Paul

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Basically after KSI won the fight against Joe Weller he called out the Paul brothers… And then they were acting like absolute cunts. I fucking unsubbed I was kinda supporting them through a lot of the shits that you’d not expect me to. But yeah, they were acting like jackasses in their response vids maybe you should check it out

Logan and KSI*

And I think Paul bothers will win

I’m actually going to see the fight with one of my mates, though neither of us have been following the hype or anything. I’m hoping KSI wins though, and from what I’ve seen from his training, he’ll be in good shape to. Fingers crossed

I hope KSI wins but I think Logan will

Honestly don’t get why Logan Paul is still a thing how can he show a dead body say he shouldn’t be forgiven and then still have fans want him to when a fight even though after the press conference his dad kicked a kid.

I know Jake will win against Deji, but KSI vs Logan Paul is really anyone’s guess.

Same for me

boo this whole thing sucks. But if I had to root for someone, it’d be Deji over Jake and Logan over KSI. For Deji, he hasn’t really gotten much support from anyone (and has been kicked around a lot), and I don’t really think he’s done many bad things. As for Logan vs KSI, despite everything, Logan still seems like a more genuine person. KSI left talking about he wanted to become a better person and how he despised Youtube drama etc., but later stated that he was the king of drama. KSI just seems more dangerous and unwilling to learn I guess.