Kik chat AND music!

Hi, I have started a kik group with music via a licensed streaming service. It’s like a cross between Radio and kik chat and people can listen and chat simultaneously and so far, it’s been a real blast. It’s mainly aimed at ages 35-55 and features music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The age thing isnt set in stone so anyone is welcome if that’s their kind of music. I’ve also managed to get hold of one of the seemingly rare 100 member groups they’ve been dishing out sparingly so I’d like to build up the numbers if possible. We can be found by looking in public groups for #40plusmusic and the group name is radio kik 100. All we ask is that members act nice, JOIN IN and not just listen. Also not to share the link to non members of the group. You can comment, request, and more importantly, make new friends and have a bit of a laugh along the way. I’ve worked hard putting this together and expect no personal gain from it at all other than to make people smile. My name is Phil. All welcome
[Screenshot_20180902-081806_Kik|243x500](upload://**strong text**aE4TG1m2tApktoXKGVfFzuxt3gx.jpeg)

Sorry. Ignore the lat bit. I tried to insert a screenshot and failed miserably