Keeping our new users

Instead of it feeling like launch day where everyone’s happy with the app blowing my up and then it dies down @dom and his team should do the following as soon as possible

1: increase the speed of the app such as

The loading of images on grid view: when in grid view grey blocks come up but slowly disappear.

The speed of videos playing is another thing

2: the colour of the categories

It’s nice having the unique thing on the categories but they all have a grey background not like when the app launched and the categories were colourful

3: double tapping comments or liking comments

This has been asked for a long time

4: thread of replies to a comment instead of a messy comment section

5: special effects when recording a byte

6: Drafts: I know we can save it to camera roll but that’s not the same. I don’t wanna see drafts on my camera roll when there can be a special place on the app where we can look at our drafts and choose if we wanna upload it

I’m saying this because with drafts we can be so creative and funnier that one day we’ll build up the courage to upload out most embarrassing and funny bytes from the draft section



I definitely like all of these suggestions, i really hope Dom and Cami listen to our feedback and suggestions and respond,

like “great ideas, we are working on them, please bear with us!” will satisfy us. the fact that we get absolutely NO RESPONSE from them makes us wonder if they are still working on the app or not, I feel like the communication bridge has been totally demolished between the Byte Team and the community…


They say “bear with us” and it worked for a while because we didn’t wanna seem like impatient people that are Karen’s but it’s just an excuse to sit back and relax. What’s it gonna take for them to finish up it’s been 6 months we even said some ideas since before the app launched. The launching of the app was sloppy too and unprepared

Anyone have any idea how many projects Dom is currently working on?

Which one actually bring in revenue? Cause this sure isn’t it

I looked at the app he made called peach or was it plum. That one flopped. I personally think he needs to invest in this app purely not more than one project because this one right here has the most potential for him. Please understand that sticking up for him no matter what will only damage us too. Sometimes it’s good to point out a concerning flaw instead of brushing it under a carpet


Peach is half baked. So is Byte. I wonder what else he has in the oven

My concern is that Dom is chasing a lot of rabbits and not catching any of them


He should think of how to catch all the rabbits instead of just running and chasing the rabbits by advancing his techniques. Such as updating more often with ideas.

Smh :man_facepalming:t5: now we’re talking about rabbits :joy:

‘The man who chases two rabbits , catches neither.’ - Confucius

He just needs a project to kick off and make $$$ and he’ll want to focus on it. That’s how it works when you have many projects on the go. The more lucrative ones take priority

My biggest concern is that Dom and team is experiencing the same problem Google has had for YEARS. Constantly coming up with new ideas and new projects but never improving and building on the ones they already have. Google developers are more incentivized for new ideas that for improvement of new ones. If something doesn’t take off right away, it gets scrapped a couple years later. Mega frustrating

Hey developer here, even though I don’t personally work with byte. You have to understand the idea seems like something simple but takes hours of work. The reason tiktok has thousands of features is because they make 17 billion in revenue and probably have thousands of developers. Byte is still in Early development, and doesn’t have a super huge budget or influx of money to hire multiple Devs. I can guarantee they are working on it but it still has to go through a testing phase(not talking about beta testing). I’m talking various different test so it doesn’t break the app. I know I don’t speak for everyone but I rather them take their time instead of putting something rushed on the platform.


Being more vocal and interactive with the community about the work they are doing is all we’re asking for at this point. I think we’re an understanding bunch

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I agree,

Tell us what’s going on, what Byte team is currently working on, how Byte team will address hate comments, how Byte will go from here etc… COMMUNICATE with us, and we will provide our feedback.

This builds ENGAGEMENT, COMMUNICATION, TRANSPARENCY, and TRUST. We hear absolutely nothing from them, which makes us feel ignored…

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You said “takes hours of work” I would spare an hour a day per week and even then I can make the app perfect if I had the skill. If something takes hours then spend your free hour every day for a week and it’ll be done. With a team of say 10 people with each person having the task of doing one thing for the app that people want them it can be done in 10 weeks. Since the apps launch its been 6 months which is alot more than it should have taken.

Okay I’m going to break down each and every point the best way possible, again I don’t code for byte so I may or may not be correct.

This right here isn’t code related . this is essentially server speed. Every domain has a cap space and servers related to it that are able to process data based on how much you buy. In byte case increasing the server load/ cap would make videos run faster and load quicker, however there are serious costs to increasing them. As of now there isn’t a point for byte to increase it to that point as its still in early stages and would ultimately cost more money than for them to keep it as is.

Colors of categories aren’t typically hard to change as I do front end development these are easily changeable , again however seeing this is a mobile app for iOS and android there are other factors to account for. They probably keep it this color for a certain reason.

This would take an entirely new element to be added to capture the likes. For example lets call it Storage_A. So there over 100k plus comments on byte(rough estimate). For there to a like counter on comments you would have to code in that additional Storage_A button(like counter). Then have it so it stores each and every individual persons likes and then a running count of them. Yes that seems fairly simple, but you have to make sure someone can’t keep liking the comment and making the number go up. Then additionally have to account for the amount of storage this would take up. For every like on each comment there is on byte it has to be actively stored somewhere. so we have 100k comments, and lets say an average of 50 likes on each comment. depending on how they would store the data that’s over 5million records that are constantly being updated and stored. So there is a lot that can go wrong with this process.

This kind of coincides with my previous point about space. But having it cascade under a certain comment under a main comment isn’t a simple task either. They have to have a binding element so that the comment would still under the main comment. I have never needed to done a feature like this so I don’t have the most insight.

Special effects are cool, but very complicated. if making facial effects, green screen effects or simple color changes were easy, we wouldn’t have apps like adobe making 11 billion a year off their products. It is very hard to make simple effects, even on iOS , the reason again that Tiktok,instagram,and snapchat has them is because they make billions of dollars and have huge dev teams.

Again this is storage related, not sure how much this would take about but average byte videos on my phone at least are about 3.4 mbs. If every user on byte has 10 drafts that are 3.4 mbs each, this would take up a lot of server space. An easy fix to that is having you be able to save them to your phone.

This again is all rough numbers and may not be fully correct as I don’t develop mobile apps. But there is a lot of work that goes into each feature they make, and even though it flustering that it takes a while @dom and his team are working as fast as they can with what they have.

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Okay main issue here is storage and money. Not sure how to increase storage but that’s the first important thing to do. Then there’s money. I’m not sure how apps make money unless they charge me 0.01p to use it that’s a decent amp my of money to fund the app when everyone uses it. If there’s a link I’d be happy to donate to the app