Keep the Ideas Coming!

So we all know that dom can’t work on v2 for a while. But that shouldn’t stop us from brainstorming for the app. We’ve already come up with some great ideas as a community, so let’s keep the ideas flowing so that when dom finally has time to return he has a ton of ideas to use. Less thinking for dom means he can go right into development, hypothetically. Hopefully this can help him out!! Let’s pick up some slack while he takes his break. I hope the recent news hasn’t turned anyone away from this community or from continuing to come up with new and exciting ideas. To start, I’ll give one myself.

I think on v2 there should be a “Trending” page or something similar where the top videos are judged based solely on user interaction, and not just what the company decides to put there. For example, a video getting a ton of traction and a crazy fast amount of likes should go on the page, but some restrictions should be in place so that a select amount of creators aren’t dominating the page 24/7.


Great idea! Just so you know there’s already a bunch of threads on this topic, so try looking at those :))


I realized after I posted that it might not be an original idea :joy:. My bad. I was really just trying to get the ball rolling to encourage others to share some more ideas so hopefully I can be forgiven.


That’s a good idea! Youtube’s trending is so bad lol.

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