Keep Talking About Byte

So I was at a (socially distanced) Fourth of July BBQ this weekend in Brooklyn with a bunch of my creator friends. The topic of conversation steered toward byte somehow. I started talking about all the new features byte includes now. Most of my friends had joined shortly after it released but had given up on it almost immediately. Once I mentioned the partner program and 16-second videos, their whole perspective changed. Six of them got on their phones and redownloaded byte. I think if outside people are informed as to what byte is doing, they’ll come in hoards. So keep talking about byte, spread the word, and get people on (at least until the byte team puts forward a full marketing plan)


Agreed :clap::raised_hands: when Elijah Daniel made those tweets about byte, there was a lot of people replying saying how boring it is or how much it flopped and just negative stuff like that. But @Maddy_lions replied to so many of those negative comments and educated them on how Byte has changed, added new cool features like categories and this drastically changed their opinions on the app to the point where they redownloaded it. So I guess if you see people hate on the app, just talk to them about how it really isn’t that bad and if they keep on hating, ignore them cuz at least your tried and there’s nothing else you can really do :man_shrugging:


That was a good hour😩


gang gang, I managed to recruit 2 irl buddies onto Byte recently (I think that’s 11 in total now) but yes. before the app gets marketed and advertised, we users are the best advert for the app :sunglasses:


So they’re there for the money then… :flushed:

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