Keep Quality in Mind

Hello everyone,

I’m fairly new to writing topics on the forums but I do find it fitting to write about something I’m passionate about.

I’d like to remind everyone how great of an opportunity and application like this is, and I personally don’t want to see it go downhill fast. Other apps have had bad reputations for being “cringey” or “stupid” and I do not think it’s because of the actual content but rather intention.

Make your stories and ideas with integrity and a creative fashion. Make things you love. But most importantly, try.

I don’t want to come off as entitled, but I do want everyone to be proud of the videos they make. I want that to be evident. I also want outsiders to be able to take byte seriously.

If we have integrity in our videos, we’ll have the world.


I agree but sometimes the cringe leads to success. TikTok started off with cringe comps all across YouTube and annoying adds but people now have looked past that and it’s successful. I’d rather not go down a cringe byte comp path but I’m sure most people here will post quality content. :sunglasses:


I can’t agree with you more, my man. Everyone should thrive for “quality” content, not just fame. They should realize fame comes after your hard work, and your hard work will be demonstrated through your intention, and it should be meant to make other people happy, showcase and improve your talent, meet new people, and enjoy life.

Now that beta testing is on happening, and the official launch is upon us, I am excited more than ever, even though I won’t be participating in those testings (crossing my fingers for future signups), but if Byte can be an app where quality is awarded over fame, it will succeed, and it will bring the glorious days of Vine back and open the new era of Byte.


I guess I wrote that incorrectly but what I’m saying is that cringe is alright, but just inspired cringe ya know?


You do have to realize though that every social media is dominated by those on the top. But whatever your goals are, achieving them the right way is something to strive for.


True, that is ultimately what happens, there will be a few people on top, and the rest trying to climb up the stiff cliff. That’s just the way it is. I’m talking about “how” people can get up there, and we should set an example that doing something out of fame can not be the only way to the top in Byte. As Dom mentioned, Byte will focus on giving every artist a chance, and the app should at least give an opportunity for creators to showcase something unique and special that inspires others, not just follow the trend or do something for fame.


I agree with that greatlly. Unforutantely I feel like social media these days is very much like that now