Keep it simple

I mean this across the board: In terms of design, creator tools (like ghost image/remix), and features (revine button) keep it simple and easy to use. There’s a lot of talk here about bells, whistles, badges, rewards, etc. and that’s cool as long as it’s not cluttering the place up or confusing to new/inexperienced users. I feel like clean interface, and a easily navigable platform makes all the difference in the world. Anyone should be able to use it easily. I’d even go so far to say as soon as you open it, the camera is ready to shoot, and then you can choose to navigate the app if you want.

BUT… the IG Hands-free Mode 3 sec timer is fire! :fire: I remember the old vine days and the madness brought upon by additive touch, so a hands free feature would be amazing.

Just a thought.


Yessssssssss, I need a hands-free mode


Hey man!!! Check this out :smiley:


Hahahaah he’s right! BUT I will admit part of the fun was the challenge in trying to get it to work!

Ugh, it definitely was not fun! :slight_smile: Half the time the timing didn’t work, hands-free has GOT to be an in-app feature for V2.

Oh, Hi, I remember you from Vine.

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I agree 1000%. It should be easy to create and consume. I want to be able to get sucked into a V2 hole of scrolling through great content for hours without getting interrupted or confused :+1:t2:

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Hey @TomWho !! Good to see you!! Looking forward to seeing your stuff on V2!!

Assitive touch really helped with doing stopmo and other types of animation on vine. So I have some affection for it lol

Yeah a lot of video based social media, like bitsmash or zen or even Flipagram is really clunky and not easily scrollable. Vine was.

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maybe instead of it being completely simple it could be set up sort of like twitter with a more complex interface the more the user gets the hang of it?

I guess the longer V2 is around, more complex controls/navigation could be added. Most apps and sites have an ‘advanced user’ feature.

Minimalism ftw :smiley:

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Ease-of-use is a big deal. I don’t know how many apps I’ve used and grown weary of because they were counterintuitive or confusing