Karma/Life Idea

I was thinking that people should have a rating that is mandatory to show on your profile. It will either be a certain amount of stars or lives or average number, and everything you do on v2, will change your rating. Everyone will start out at 5 stars/hearts. If you are bad to the community or violate terms it will go down, and vice versa. This could be integrated with the thumbs down thumbs up concept from @dom and if you get flagged or thumbs down too many times it could effect your rating. I think this would be a good feature to enforce positivity and have people treated fairly, which seems to be one of v2’s priorities

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I’m just afraid it could be abused… and finding a way to prevent such abuse is near impossible.


how so. My concern for it was honestly making the site to controlling

I see something like this in an episode of Black Mirror, i dont like the idea. Think about the haters, the would love that idea


Yep :wink:

Well, I do like the karma system with the violating terms and such. But if a person was given a dislike, what’s stopping them and their entire fanbase from disliking a person, causing their stars/lives/numbers from decreasing?

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good point, maybe you could limit dislikes only if they get to a certain amount or only allow it if the vines show up the explore page. I hate seeing instagram comedy on my explore page and wish i could let instagram know the content is not useful, which is kind of how i thought of this


That could easily be implemented! :slight_smile: Kind of how Instagram sometimes says if you’d like to see more of this content more often, that’d be an awesome idea! :smiley:

Imagine team 10fans going against Clout gang. The war is coming.

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On an app like V2 will be, and considering what a big portion of the fanbase will be, all this will do is make witch hunts and such more common.

Here’s a athread that was already started and closed kinda similar to yours

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omg YESS BLACK MIRROR EPISODE holy crap that one is so related

Hahaha i saw it in the school in a special class

My concern would be ‘haters’ abusing it and getting artists ratings down because they dislike them

i think if the rating was only based on breaking the guidelines it would be a little better. because giving random audiences the ability to make someones ranking go down just because they don’t like them or someone sent their fans after them is really not the best idea

Only saw that one with the boy ******* to *********. You get it? XD

No I mean the one with the boy who has to do those tests because he’s getting blackmailed. Great show XD

OT: I’m for a karma system, but not for this one. It’s, like people said, a great chance that people are going to witch hunt each other…

This is like Black Mirror episode, nope. Immagine the haters…

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