#kam2020 posts (resolved this is now a spam thread)

So there’s a lot of posts on byte saying to kill all men, some with the hashtag #kam2020. I think there’s something wrong with these people.

It’s just a joke


I think it’s important to never pay attention to someone who makes wild claims like this. Chances are it is just a joke or someone just trying to get under your skin. Just keep vibin and keep it pushin :sunglasses:

Until someone picks up a machete and an AK and actually goes on the hunt, I think this is a harmless way for young women to vent about their frustrations and fantasize about a world without the constant unrelenting bullshit they have to deal with from men and boys

(harmless but not wholly productive but harmless nonetheless)


my favorite men are @Jeridiculous and @TomWho now :rage::rage:


ohmigosh :blush:


If the there were #killallwomen posts or #killallwhitepoeple posts would it still be a joke? I’m trying to find out where the line is

I mean ya if they are actually just joking but men wouldn’t really have enough reason to say kill all women

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That’s kind of like saying black people jokes and slurs are as bad and offensive as white people jokes and “slurs”


like they arent comparable


Power dynamic

If it’s “punching up” its jokes, if it’s “punching down” it’s oppression


He said it perfectly.


So to be clear, I can say I want to kill anyone except racial minorities and pass it off as a joke

Well minorities are oppressed so I wouldn’t say those things to them

As long as it’s a joke just putting that out there

No one is “passing it off” as a joke. It is a joke. They’re joking.

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If you don’t see it as a joke and take offense, you are free to report them and block the accounts.

The difference is this is already happening. Women are getting killed (mostly by incels) just because they are women. When we say kill all men we don’t mean all men. We mean those who see us as objects and harass us. We say all men because we don’t know who to trust anymore because even friends and family are doing bad things to some women.


Man I gotta delete this thread I regret posting this LOL

U want me to or…just lmk