Just wondering

How many of the people who have been here over a year are still active?
I just noticed that I have been here over a year.

I usually don’t log in to read, because I usually don’t post, I just read so my stats are low. I didn’t realize those stats were a thing until recently.


I am :raised_hand:

Just had my anniversary date :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry about your stats. This isn’t basketball. lol Happy you’re still with us.:+1:


I ammm!!


Meeeee :wave:t6:


Still here after a year as well! Also, I get that, stats don’t matter to everyone, if you’d rather just observe for now, that’s great too!


I’m here until I loose my expert rank again



mee! helloo

I’m in here every day

Not sure how long I’ve been here I visited a good few times through last year when ever anything on twitter was said, I just never made an account.

:wave: I’ve been here for over a year. Just reading, creating topics, interacting with other topics (likes, and replies), revisiting the guidelines, and the badge system.

yeah I have been here over a year too. It can be hard to try and comment all the time so I usually just lurk :eyes::eyes:

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I made another account early last year but I forgot the email/ password because I never used it. So technically i’ve been here a year at least

i check in time to time

The forums are a great place and I’ve met many amazing people on here. I’m too attached to leave lol.

Lmao one year and I met some weird people :eyes:

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