Just wanna say thank u to all u guys

k. so most of us (im guessing) haven’t met irl and i honestly feel we have come together as a community and i’m proud to call all of you guys my friends.

thank u


This community is honestly the best. I’ve never met anyone like you guys :heart::heart:


Yes! Someone even called this place a safe haven on the internet. I’m always grateful to be here. Thank u al v much


Yeah this is a pretty cool place. Also if there’s anybody from the upper midwest (or northern Ontario for that matter) that wants to meet one of these days that’d be sick.

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I really love the fact that people here actually defend each other and try to have the nicest and coolest vibes.


Agreed. I’m also happy that I met new people here. This community is really kind and supportive with everyone.

This community partly will be the reason bttes gonna be huge


I’m so excited to see how this community grows into byte and I can finally see everyone’s creativity

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So glad to be here among u guys, maybe one day we will live on the same building/appartment like the first generation did :heart:

Bye? ???

i like minecrfyfyt

lol i meant bye as in like bye i’ve finished writing u know?

that would be fun

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Haven’t met you but maybe one day


I absolutely love the community we are building it’s strong ! It’s time to take over the internet by storm guys!! #ByteLife

Oh good. I thought it was something… a little worse

yeah… i know what u mean