Just saw the most disgusting tiktok

Reaching out to you guys to tell me I’m not crazy real quick. I’ll keep this short. Just saw a tiktok where they do the thing where they pose like someone they had sex with, and it shows a photo of that said person.

The one that just got recommended to me the dude poses as the fucking 3 year old child in the background. It’s 2020 right? Canceled so fucking fast, you might think?

481k likes. Replies defending it and calling it just a joke with 20k likes.

This is my first exposure to this hypocrisy and I cannot wrap my head around it. Someone please end me

Edit: reported it to tiktok and was told “just because I don’t like it, it doesn’t violate their guidelines”


how would you like to be ended


It just popped up on my fyp a couple minutes ago

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this is beyond gross and not funny whatsoever. what is humour anymore?


Quickly. I was a good boy and I earned it

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Fucking. Same

:disappointed: that’s just fucking horrible. What a piece of shit.


I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.

Its focus is on lack of originality and instead following trends – lip syncing, dancing, and some sort of sexual hints, all rolled into one. Its effects and danger on the current and future generations is indubitable, and its bred a generation of middle schoolers twerking and stripping at the ages of 12 because their content algorithms favor the culture due to pedophiles and creeps actively being able to access these videos, hence many other lawsuits concerning safety of minors. It’s toxic and disgusting, to say the least, and its bred a mindset of oversexualization of anything and everything, where everything is an innuendo and everything from clothing to a face or a foot is a sex symbol. Social media has been the catalyst for this the past few years or decade, and TikTok is at the forefront. Nothing is safe nowadays, and I’m sick of it.

Don’t even get me started with my rant on security concerns, that one’s an entire copypasta at this point


Yep! Said something similar to this in the other TikTok thread. Hopefully it gets banned soon :pray:


What the actual fuck ?


PDF files on TikTok? I’m not surprised…