Just saw Byte is 17+ & Tiktok is 12+ app on app store

So I just saw on the Apple App Store that Byte app age rating is 17+ and tiktok app age rating is 12+ maybe this is the reason many cannot download the app? On tiktok most of the people are 15-17 and the most popular creator Charli D’Amelio is 16 years old too. maybe this is the reason we are not getting much downloads cause they are being restricted. This is just my thinking :thought_balloon: not criticising anyone or nothing bad just wanted to know if we can too get the young Audience on the app as they are too really creative


I don’t think Byte wants to target that young of an audience. Though people that age could probably easily make accounts here anyway. I’ve seen plenty of users below 17 and actually one of the partners is 16 so.


I see this as purposeful as we are very much not Tiktok, especially as far as audience goes.

Byte feels more a safe space to put creativity first in content whatever the subject may be whereas 9/10 times you post anything over there that strays from trends or lip syncing and you’re flooded with “this is a kid’s app!” comments.

I for one don’t want to be evolving my content and absorbing and consuming content on a kid’s app.


if anything, with the corrupt content on tiktok, tiktok should be 17+ lmao


byte used to be rated 12+ i believe

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As uncertain as it is, my best guess is still that the 15-17 crowd is not ultimately valuable as a purchasing audience. They have free time and are big users but not actually valuable unless you’re relying on their data, which you can’t really do anything with ethically and legally. As far as I’m aware. Not a lawyer.

It’s annoying in my age bracket that we have money and are somewhat ignored by advertisers. We’re not gullible and know what we want so advertisers find us too difficult. But, how many more makeup ads can you throw at 16 year olds whose parents are suffering economically? The middle class parent buying an $80 makeup pallet, that mom would never in a million years buy for herself when Cover Girl at ten bucks is fine for the office, is over if we have a bad recession or depression which experts say we are in.

Lots of views and likes make us happy as creators but is that really the end goal? I don’t know bytes goals or yours.

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Due to the recent updates TikTok has been using, I’ve had a lot of friends ask me about Byte, I do feel like they should put the age limit to 15+ as I know much more teenagers want to find something that feels more of a community than a hell hole,

I do feel that we might get a huge influx once the $250,000 starts rolling out.



I guess because on tiktok even if you show a fake gun they block the video cause they have a team to look for it. So like they can keep 13+ guideline

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I believe Vine used to be 17+ aswell

Yea, this was discussed in that thread Pac linked to above. I don’t think this hurts Byte. It might even be beneficial for Byte because kids want what they can’t have. :slight_smile:


Only big kids allowed

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As a app developer myself, the age is determine by the checkbox when u submit an app for review. I’m assuming Byte checked “vulgar language is common” or couple of more.

Then if they don’t check that and the reviewer looks at the app, they reject for incorrect metadata submission.

I wish it was 12+ cause I know I don’t let me daughter go on Byte - I, on the other hand, enjoy the vulgar jokes :blush:


I’m glad Byte appears to be setting itself up as a more mature alternative to TikTok. Byte is embracing a wide range of creativity whether it be family friendly or more explicit, and with that they are encouraging all types of consumers to be a part of the app.

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I don’t think there are age restrictions for apps. Also, there are many different reasons why byte isn’t very popular. It’s still very new, it hasn’t been advertised anywhere (probably because the team wants to finish those 3 major changes we still don’t know entirely about), TikTok’s still much more appealing in comparison, etc.

there are age restrictions on apps


I literally see almost noting inappropriate on byte. Tik tok on the other hand Should not be made for 12 year olds.