Just noticed, there are a HELLA ton twenty too many off topic topics

just saying, like literally out of the top ten current posts, nine are off topic lol.


I mean what else is there to talk about :’(


minecraft, roblox, fortnite. y’know, the cool things in life. :’)

~ he says in an off-topic post :joy:
But yeah it’s just the category for MOST convos on here since it’s really just a catch-all for everything that isn’t about the app and we can only say so much about the platform for now!


Until we know more about the app there’s only so much we can talk about

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You’re still able to give suggestions in Ideas & Feature Request. I personally don’t think that Section has every idea that can, at least, be considered.

off topic is just far easier for things to fall into

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Most topics about V2 have been covered so far i guess

Casual conversation goes to off topic, it put in the right category