Just don’t forget about the people who have BEEN here since the beginning

I just want to say I LOVVEEEE byte, but I don’t think it’s right that big tiktoker are able to come over, get verified and also get their own channel (which I don’t have a problem with) but it’s ppl that’s been on here since the beginning and had to work for the followers we have… we should all start from the bottom Periodt!


I mean… that’s not how it works. Someone with a fan base is going to shoot up, and verification is important so someone who has done even less than them doesn’t get followers for stealing their name.
The extra touch of a channel though?


I understand that, but at least bring someone over with content… Byte is all about creative right? she don’t really do anything :woman_shrugging:t5: At least from what I’ve seen.


Moop does have some pretty tight edits, it’s full of vine energy with the low key poses angles and dances. I wouldn’t say she does nothing.


I’ve already said this. She got her own channel because she is Ms :red_circle::lips::red_circle: it’s probably a marketing tactic and she’s funny so :joy_cat:

I’m pretty sure it’s a marketing thing. But it’s a no :heart: for me on your last statement :woman_shrugging:t5: But I love your energy for her :blush:

Idk… I didn’t see it. I guess I have to check out her actual tiktok page :woman_shrugging:t5: But again your funny and my funny could be 2 different funny’s :woman_shrugging:t5: Lol

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Never said it was my funny. Its Just that I can respect the craft. The vids she makes has low key effort but it’s still crafted and well executed.

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This new style of vids appearing everywhere is less about funny and more about mood

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hey! been here since late 2017… that’s almost 3 years now. guess i can call myself an og.

i personally think there’s nothing wrong with moop getting her own channel… think of it from a business point of view:

moop is pretty popular on tiktok; she blew up in like a week. by giving her a channel, her fans will migrate to byte. more fans = more app downloads.

but from a personal point of view:

idk man, it’s kind of different. i like it :sunglasses:


As I said earlier I totally understand it being a business move. All I’m saying is just don’t forget about the ppl who have been here. That’s all I’m saying!

i have been here since april of 2007 and i don’t see anything wrong with it.


:thinking: hmmm… ok!

no one’s forgetting the og’s, we built this community :relieved::sparkles:


I mean fair point but like I’ve been here since closed beta and like… I don’t feel like they owe me anything :sweat_smile: I came here out of free will like everyone else (if I would of paid something It would be different but like I have my name in the credits and a beta badge on my account what more could I want?)


we built this city of ROCK & ROOOOOLLL :musical_note:

Again lol I don’t either!

pretty soon these might feel like the old days for some