Just an idea

I feel like a more structured popularity system would help making things a lot easier content creators. In the original vine lots of content got swept under the popular content. So I believe a third tier would be of great use.

Uploading a vine was easy but with the mass of uploads they quickly swept by while popular content creators with a ludicrous amount of subs were generally the main ones featured. I believe adding a third tier (viral tier I’ll call it for time being) would be of great use.

Adding that tier would make V2 able to roll over things from the popular page to the viral tier to eliminate the constant clutter of the same content creators giving smaller less popular creators the option to get their name out.

As much as I enjoyed some of lances content or Bach’s it was crazy how they along with the Paul’s were constant the ones on the popular page.


This is a great idea to help even things out. Especially since many old viners will be returning and immediately getting millions of followers

Something similar to the Instagram explore page would be great because it’s a great way to get some clout :sunglasses:


I agree Mum

I can agree