Just a reminder: The name of the app might not be "v2"

For the people making concept art/videos/tweets/anything that would involve using the name of the app, really, “v2” is just a placeholder, so don’t be too invested in that name just yet.


Goes and makes 100 t-shirts saying "Follow ##### on v2!


V2 is what we’re using right now; if there’s an update, you’ll know! :smile:

As for the concept art and videos, some people are doing them for fun or to prepare themselves. I’m not sure what tweets you’re referring to, though


“tweets” was just a form of media that I mentioned. I had no specific tweets in mind lol

Oh, cool

Well like you said, we won’t be too hung up with using v2; we’re hyped about it roght now, but any chance there’s an official name change we’ll adjust appropriately

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It could be, we don’t know! most likely though

I was telling someone this earlier but wasn’t sure… I like the idea of V2 being the name, but if it isn’t meant to be it isn’t meant to be

I like V2 as well but the problem is what the features will be called

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